CLTC pure electric range 480km Haima EX00 real car unveiled

Release Date : 2023-12-20
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Recently, the Haima EX00 real car, an exclusive customized car for the B-side of Zhixing Box, was unveiled. As a product launched for the B-end market that focuses on travel needs, the new car continues the design style of the previous BM-400 concept car and is positioned as a pure electric MPV with a pure electric cruising range of 480km under CLTC conditions.
In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a "square box" design, with a rounded front end. The closed grille shows its identity as a pure electric model. The headlights on both sides have a cute and retro shape. The sides adopt a short front and rear overhang design to ensure sufficient internal space. The new car is equipped with second-row side sliding doors, and the B-pillar-less design also makes this model a more convenient entry/exit experience.
In terms of interior, the new car also retains the design of the concept car. The front row adopts a single-seat layout and is equipped with a moderately sized full LCD instrument and a floating central control screen. In addition, the new car is equipped with a light box on the passenger side, which can insert advertisements. The second row is equipped with a ceiling screen, which mainly serves passengers in the car. It can display relevant information such as driver and vehicle navigation, and also supports audio and video functions.
The new car adopts a "1+1+3" L-shaped seat layout. The second row is also designed as a single seat. The space connected to the front passenger seat can be used to store luggage and items. The right side of the third row adopts a zero-gravity seat design, which has six-way electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, and leg rest functions. It supports 45-degree elevation adjustment. It also provides shoulder, neck, and back massage, and passengers can control it with their mobile phones. The rear air conditioning can also be independently controlled by passengers through their mobile phones, and the passenger seat also has 60W mobile phone fast charging. The second-row seats are manually adjustable and also support heating, ventilation and other functions.
In terms of power, the new car has a pure electric cruising range of 480km under CLTC operating conditions and supports fast charging.
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