Toyota Platinum 4X launched in stores across the country, priced from 179,800 yuan

Release Date : 2023-12-25
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The first smart electric SUV of GAC Toyota New Energy's new brand [PtZhi] - PtZhi 4X is now available in stores. The new car is launched in four configuration versions: 615 Air, 615 Pro, 615 Max and four-wheel drive 560Max, with a price range of 179,800-238,800 yuan.

Platinum 4X can enjoy an ultra-long range of 615km at the entry level. It is equipped with a Lexus homologous motor with a motor efficiency as high as 97%. According to actual measurements, under comprehensive working conditions, the battery life attainment rate of Platinum 4X is as high as 88%. The new car's SOC 30%-80% fast charging time is only about 30 minutes at room temperature, reaching the mainstream level of pure electric vehicles in the same class.
The Platinum 4X is built on the exclusive platform for pure electric vehicles under Toyota's e-TNGA architecture. It has a 2850mm ultra-long wheelbase comparable to the Highlander, bringing a 1000mm ultra-large rear space at the level of a D-class car, forming a standard large five-seater layout. Not only that, the Bozhi 4X four-wheel drive 560 MAX version is also equipped with the X-MODE four-wheel drive off-road assistance mode jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, allowing the pure electric SUV to have endless off-road driving fun and worry-free on bad roads.
In terms of intelligence, all Platinum 4X series come standard with the L3-level T-PILOT intelligent driving assistance system, which is equipped with Toyota's first EDSS emergency driving stop system, PDA predictive active driving assistance system and many other intelligent driving assistance functions. , enjoy industry-leading assisted driving capabilities upon entry.
At the same time, all Bozhi 4X series come standard with the Toyota Space smart cockpit that supports Huawei HiCar/Baidu CarLife/Apple CarPlay, the three major mobile phone interconnections, and the Toyota Connect smart interconnection that can remotely control the vehicle. In addition, the new car also provides high-performance configurations such as face recognition, digital keys, smart parking packages, four-corner reversing radar, and dual-tone zone recognition smart voice interaction, allowing users to buy a practical and easy-to-use high-end smart experience with one click. .
Platinum 4X directly addresses the safety concerns of power batteries that consumers are most concerned about, and fully implements Toyota's higher standards of safety redundancy, through five major safety redundancy considerations: three-electric safety, collision safety, braking safety, driving rule support, and battery reliability. , truly achieving all-round safety protection from the inside out.
BoZhi 4X uses higher-cost and longer-life CATL ternary lithium batteries, and also uses advanced airgel thermal insulation pads to reduce thermal runaway from the source. In order to cope with collisions, the battery pack adopts a two-vertical and eight-horizontal frame structure, which consists of 230mm thick aluminum alloy anti-collision beams on both sides of the battery, a total of eight beams in the battery and under-battery body cross structures, and a 3.2mm thick aluminum alloy at the bottom. Guard plate, all-round defense against mechanical impact from the outside world.
GAC Toyota Platinum 4X inherits Toyota's higher standards of safety redundancy and high-quality control of the entire supply chain, and brings a leap-forward intelligent configuration that is fully equipped as standard, becoming a new energy consumer who pays attention to quality and pursues cost-effectiveness. A new sincere choice.
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