Geely Panda Knight "Absolute Orange" color version launched

Release Date : 2024-01-09
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Recently, Geely Automobile announced that the Panda Knight's new car color "Absolute Orange" is officially launched. The official announced that those who order the Geely Panda Knight Absolute Orange before February 9, 2024 can enjoy the limited-time gift of the Panda Knight Absolute Orange set worth 1,000 yuan, and the limited number of 300 units will receive a New Year gift box worth 1,000 yuan. For reference, the Panda Knight is priced at 53,900 yuan.
Panda Knight is positioned as an entry-level electric vehicle. The vehicle adopts a square box shape and the body has many crossover elements. The front of the car uses a round light set, which is very cute. The shape of the front surround imitates the design of a hardcore off-road vehicle, and a tow hook decoration in the same color as the body is also added.
The length, width and height of the car are 3135/1565/1655mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2015mm, the minimum ground clearance without load is 175mm, and the minimum ground clearance with full load is 125mm. The car also has a hanging ladder decoration on the B-pillar on the left side of the body.
The interior layout of the Panda Knight is very simple, using a double-spoke steering wheel, a 9.2-inch full LCD instrument, an 8-inch floating central control screen, and a large storage slot in front of the co-pilot. The rear seats can be folded flat to create 800L of storage space. In terms of configuration, it comes standard with a reversing image and 2 reversing radars, and supports functions such as remote control of the car via mobile app.
In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 30kW permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum torque of 110N·m. It is matched with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by Guoxuan Hi-Tech and has a pure electric range of up to 200km. In terms of charging, it only takes half an hour to charge from 30% to 80%. At the same time, Panda Knight also supports 3.3kw slow charging, which can be recharged through various methods such as home charging piles and portable charging guns.
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