Leapmotor C10 officially starts pre-sale, starting from 151,800 yuan

Release Date : 2024-01-11
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On January 10, Leapmotor C10 officially started pre-sale. The pre-sale price range for the extended-range version is 151,800-181,800 yuan, and the pre-sale price range for the pure electric version is 155,800-185,800 yuan. The new car will be officially launched in China in the first quarter of this year and will hit the European market in the third quarter.
As the first global strategic model under the Leapmotor LEAP 3.0 technology architecture, the Leapmotor C10 is equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies, including its latest generation "four-leaf clover" centrally integrated electronic and electrical architecture. This architecture is different from the existing distributed and domain control architecture. It focuses on realizing central supercomputing through a SoC and supports the "four domains in one" of cockpit domain, intelligent driving domain, power domain and body domain.
In addition to its leading architecture, Leapmotor C10 is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon's fourth-generation cockpit platform in terms of smart cockpit. This platform uses a 5nm process technology and has an NPU computing power of 30 TOPS, which is 7.5 times that of the current mainstream 8155P. It also applies the sixth generation Generation Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU, the computing power reaches 200K DMIPS, the power of the main computing unit is more than 50% higher than that of 8155, and the GPU computing power reaches 3000 GFLOPS, which is 300% higher than that of 8155.

Thanks to such a powerful computing platform, the Leapmotor C10 uses a golden combination of 10.25-inch high-definition instrument + 14.6-inch central control screen in the cockpit. The resolution of the 14.6-inch central control screen reaches 2560*1440, reaching the 2.5K high-definition level. It also uses Oxide technology, which has core advantages such as low power consumption, low frame rate and high transmittance.
In terms of intelligent driving assistance, Leapmotor C10 relies on up to 30 intelligent driving sensors + 254 Tops powerful computing power to realize 25 intelligent driving functions including NAP high-speed intelligent pilot assistance, NAC navigation assisted cruise, etc., and has L3 level intelligence in terms of hardware capabilities. Driving assistance levels.
Among them, Leapmotor's first NAC navigation-assisted cruise function can be combined with the navigation map to realize adaptive start and stop, turning and turning, and intelligent speed limit functions based on traffic light signals, zebra crossing recognition, road direction recognition, speed limit recognition and other information, which greatly improves It improves the vehicle's driving assistance adaptive capability at intersections/curves, freeing up the driver's feet.

Not only that, the Leapmotor C10 can also achieve a sensorless OTA upgrade for smart driving in the cockpit. The owner does not need to wait for the download. As long as the owner chooses to agree to upgrade the vehicle, whether it is parking or driving, the next time the vehicle is started, it will be in a completely new upgraded state, truly realizing "Update in seconds".
In terms of power, the Leapmotor C10 continues the C series' "dual power" strategy, providing dual options of pure electric and extended range. Among them, the pure electric version has a maximum battery capacity of 69.9kWh, and the CLTC range can reach up to 530km; the extended-range version has a maximum battery capacity of 28.4kWh, the CLTC pure electric range can reach up to 210km, and the CLTC comprehensive range can reach up to 1190km.

In terms of other information, the length, width and height of the Leapmotor C10 are 4739mm* 1900mm* 1680mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2825mm. Thanks to this, the Leapmotor C10 has ample rear seating space - the maximum leg space reaches 1050mm, the maximum head space reaches 1015mm, and the second-row seat cushion length reaches 514mm.
In terms of appearance, Leapmotor C10 is available in five colors: sky gray, pearl white, glacier blue, tundra gray, and glazed emerald. Among them, glazed emerald is the special color that debuts for the first time. In terms of interior color matching, two colors are available: Chixia Orange and Hoshigaki Purple.

According to Leapmotor at the press conference, the first batch of Leapmotor C10 display cars has arrived in stores since January 10, and is expected to be officially launched and delivered in batches in March.
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