Pre-sale starts at 169,900 yuan, Ruifeng RF8 will be available on January 31st

Release Date : 2024-01-18
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Recently,  learned from Jianghuai Ruifeng that its brand new medium and large MPV, Ruifeng RF8, will be officially launched on January 31.The new car is built on the MUSE architecture and will be available in two versions: pure fuel and plug-in hybrid.The new car will launch 4 models, with a pre-sale price range of 169,990-239,900 yuan.
The side lines are relatively straight, and the founder's shape ensures sufficient internal space.The tail adopts a penetrating taillight design, and the LED light strip and a large number of dot matrix light sources are integrated inside, which is extremely recognizable.In addition, the rear of the car is also equipped with a small spoiler to add a sporty atmosphere.
In terms of interior decoration, Ruifeng RF8 adopts a combination of independent LCD instrument and floating central control screen, and provides a double-color design of upper and lower, creating a rich fashion atmosphere.In the details, the new car adopts a through-type air-conditioning air outlet design, and is equipped with a crystal material stopper to enhance the exquisite sense of the whole vehicle.
In terms of power, Ruifeng RF8 offers two versions: pure fuel and plug-in hybrid. Among them, the fuel-powered model is equipped with a power combination of 2.0TGDI+8AT, with a maximum engine power of 186kW; the plug-in hybrid model adopts a 1.5T DHE+3DHT+large-capacity battery solution, with a comprehensive system power of 310kW and a comprehensive torque of 745N·M.The battery capacity is 44.5 kWh, the pure electric range exceeds 250km, and the comprehensive range exceeds 1200km.
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