Preview of the first pure electric Porsche Macan on January 25th

Release Date : 2024-01-23
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Recently, Porsche officially announced the official trailer of the pure electric Macan, and the new car will make its world debut on January 25.The car is the Porsche brand's first SUV model built on the PPE Platform (Premium Platform Electric), using dual-motor four-wheel drive, with a comprehensive output power of 612 horsepower.The car is equipped with a 100kWh lithium battery and an 800V architecture, and the WLTP range is expected to exceed 500km.Mike Mao, vice president of Porsche styling and design, said that Porsche will not completely distinguish its electric models from diesel locomotive models.At first glance, the brand new Macan is very obvious to be a Porsche, a Macan, which essentially retains the classic proportions of a Porsche sports car.The interior and exterior are integrated with new elements, and the overall design is sharper, more sporty and dynamic.
Porsche said that the driver is always the focus.Specifically, all the components that are important to the driver are arranged around it for easy access.Through the curved display, we even go one step further.The floating display screen is slightly curved, which is very suitable for drivers to use.We also created a “minimalist mode” in the dashboard.In this way, drivers can choose only the elements on the dashboard that are critical to driving according to their own needs.Focus on those things that are absolutely necessary.
A brief review of the appearance, the new car is equipped with split headlights. Above is a light set similar to the Taycan shape, and below is a far and near light that merges with the front surround.As a pure electric model, Porsche pays special attention to aerodynamic performance when building a pure electric Macan. The forward air inlet will be equipped with an active cooling air deflector to achieve a longer range.
The pure electric version of the Porsche Macan has an automatically extendable rear spoiler, and the bottom of the car is a fully enclosed flat design similar to a racing car.When driving on high-speed roads, the rear spoiler of this car will be adjusted to the energy-saving (Eco) position, the air deflector will be closed, and the chassis height will be reduced.With the blessing of the above technology, the drag coefficient of the car can be reduced to 0.25CD.
In terms of interior, the new car is equipped with a three-spoke sports steering wheel and a 12.6-inch full-lcd instrument panel. The shape is similar to that of Taycan. The center console is equipped with a 10.9-inch center control screen, and there is also a third 10.9-inch entertainment screen in front of the co-pilot.The air-conditioning air outlet is equipped with some mechanical buttons under it, which combines a sense of technology with practicality.In addition, the Porsche Macan EV car machine system is built on Android, and many programs can be updated through the Porsche application center, as well as software such as games and home assistants, as well as monthly updated car machine maps to keep the car machine “alive”.
In the battery part, the Porsche Macan will be equipped with a 100 kWh lithium battery, and the WLTP range will exceed 500 kilometers.This car is built on an 800V architecture. It can charge up to 270kw at an 800V charging station. Official data show that it can be charged from 22% to 80% in 10minutes.In Facing many 400v charging stations on the market, the electric Macan battery has a high voltage switch that can divide the 800v battery into two 400v batteries, so that no additional high voltage booster is required. The 400v charging station can be charged with a power of 150kw.If alternating current is used for charging, the maximum power is 11kw.
In terms of power, the pure electric Macan will be a four-wheel drive model that is biased towards rear drive. It uses permanent magnet synchronous motors on the front and rear axles, with a comprehensive output power of 450kW, which is about 612Ps, and the maximum torque will exceed 1000N·M.The flagship model will be equipped with a Porsche traction management system.The car is equipped with Porsche's active suspension management system, with dual-valve damping technology, air suspension, rear axle lateral locking, and rear axle steering system.
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