Sold for 439,990-639,900 yuan, BMW i5 is officially listed

Release Date : 2024-01-26
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On January 25th, BMW i5 was officially launched, with a total of 5 models launched, with a price range of 439,990-639,900 yuan.As the mainstay of the BMW brand, the 5 series family has been the eighth generation of brand new models since its birth in 1972, and it has brought a pure electric BMW i5 for the first time, marking the best-selling BMW's entry into the era of intelligent electric.
In terms of appearance, the i5 and 5 series also have two appearance styles, sports suit and luxury suit, and there is no obvious difference between fuel-powered models and pure tram models.In fact, in contrast, the version with a sports exterior design, especially the front face, looks more dynamic, and the design style of the sports suit is not unassuming, which can be called IKEA Yishang.
The length, width and height are 5175/1900/1520mm, and the wheelbase is still 3105mm, which is the same as the current model.However, the side contours of the body have undergone a brand new design. The longer rear of the current model has been replaced by the short and smooth sliding back shape on the new model. The posture of the entire body looks more sporty, and there is nothing inconsistent with the lengthened model.In terms of details, the luminous digital logo on the C-pillar position of the new car is exclusive to the domestic version of the model, and this logo will flash on the i5 according to the state of charge.
Coming to the rear of the car, the new model adopts a simple design scheme. The horizontal visual effect of the car is highlighted by the horizontal extension of the lights, decorative strips and other elements, and the three-dimensional and stylish surround interprets the young sports more in place.
The interior design scheme of the BMW 7 series has also been applied and evolved on the brand new 5 series. The interactive atmosphere light strip similar to the 7 series can even be displayed in color and sub-regions on the BMW i5. In addition, the continuous screen design of the 12.3-inch instrument + 14.9-inch central control screen makes the visual effects in the car full, and sitting in the front row will feel like a small 7 series.
In the central control area, you can see a large number of design solutions derived from the family flagship, such as the crystal-cut iDrive control knob and a large number of touch buttons, which all create a good sense of high-level for the front passengers.
The addition of the central control system of BMW OS version 8.5 can be said to have allowed old-school car companies like BMW to compete with the new car-building forces in intelligent interaction. In addition to natural semantic recognition, this car can also recognize the driver's body language and “wink” through the camera to control the vehicle.At present, on high-speed roads or closed roads, the driver assistance system of BMW i5 can actively change lanes and overtake through the driver's gaze. Visual confirmation, this is still very interesting, we also look forward to the actual test drive experience of this function.In terms of V2X car networking, this generation of BMW 5 series models can already interact in real time with BMW models that are also equipped with V2X function. The vehicle can receive and display hazard warnings from other BMW cars, predict the parking space situation at the destination, and so on.
In order to meet the car needs of Chinese customers, the BMW i5 iDrive 8.5 system also integrates China's exclusive WeChat car version function, which is further integrated into the WeChat ecosystem. You can easily use WeChat to communicate with friends instantly in the cabin, or you can receive navigation and positioning information through the car WeChat, and use the car navigation system to navigate directly.
In terms of the rear entertainment system, although the rear comfort configuration of the BMW i5 is not as rich as that of the older brother 7 series, the floating giant screen that is in the same vein as the 7 series on the top of the head is not absent.The 31-inch floating screen with up to 8K on the 7 series is definitely a weapon to attract everyone's attention. For the Chinese market, BMW's rear entertainment system ecosystem not only intervenes in the Iqiyi platform, but also introduces the Huawei application market, providing a wealth of entertainment.
In terms of power, the i5 adopts BMW's self-developed excitation synchronous motor. BMW is currently the only luxury car company that uses excitation synchronous motors. The unique brush module of excitation synchronous motors has long life and high efficiency and quiet performance. Compared with permanent magnet synchronous motors, it can also show superior acceleration performance in the medium and high-speed segments.The domestic i5 is equipped with the fifth-generation eDrive technology. The BMW i5 eDrive35L has a maximum power of 210 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 410 nm. The battery is a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 79.05kWh and a CLTC pure electric range of 536km.At the same time, the i5 M60 has a maximum power of 442 kilowatts and a peak torque of 795 nm, which is comparable to the previous generation of BMW M5 models. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h for the dual-motor four-wheel drive version is 3.8 seconds. Faster and quieter are the characteristics of the new generation of i5 M series models. In addition, users can activate the Sport Boost function at any time through the paddle, instantly obtaining an additional 30 nm torque output.
In terms of charging, the i5 can achieve a maximum charging power of 200kW under the BMW super charging station, and the 10-80% charging time is about 32 minutes.At present, about 50 overcharge stations have been implemented, covering 17 cities in China.At the same time, in the first half of 2024, BMW will launch a DC smart charging wall box, which uses DC charging technology to support up to 22kW charging power, greatly improving the charging speed of household piles.
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