Sold from 169,800 to 2024 Toyota bZ3 officially launched

Release Date : 2024-01-30
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A few days ago, we learned from the official FAW Toyota that the 2024 Toyota bZ3 is officially launched.A total of 3 models of new cars have been launched, and the price has not changed, with a price range of 169,800-199,800 yuan.As a small facelift model of the year, the new FAW Toyota bZ3 is mainly optimized and upgraded for interior materials and colors.The car is driven by a single front motor, with 135kw and 180kw optional, and the battery life under CLTC conditions is 517km and 616km, respectively.
There has been no change in appearance. The 2024 Toyota bZ3 adopts a closed front face design. The entire front is angular and has tough lines, which looks more futuristic than traditional Toyota cars.The front of the car adopts a penetrating LED light strip, which is well integrated with the far and near light groups on both sides.
From the side of the body, the car adopts a hidden door handle design, and the charging port is located at the left rear of the vehicle, making it more convenient to reverse and park and charge.From the tail point of view, the taillights adopt a penetrating design and form a Y-shaped bifurcation on both sides. The short trunk gives it a bit of a hatchback coupe taste.The rear bumper is made of black plastic, which can reduce the maintenance cost of daily scratches to a certain extent.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4725/1835/1475 mm, and the wheelbase is 2880mm.
In terms of interior, the car still uses a square steering wheel, and the full LCD dashboard and 12.3-inch floating central control screen are not absent.The new model mainly upgrades the interior materials. The middle area of the door is wrapped in white leather and has a diamond-shaped suture design. Compared with the bare black door panel of the current model, the texture is greatly improved. In addition, the seat belt is also available in blue.
In terms of power, Toyota bZ3 uses a front-mounted single motor to drive, the maximum power of the motor is 135 kw and 180 kW, respectively, and the maximum torque is 303 nm.The car uses BYD's Fudi motor and lithium iron phosphate battery. In terms of battery life under CLTC conditions, the 135kw version is equipped with a 49.92kWh battery with a battery life of 517km, and the 180kw version is equipped with a 65.28kWh battery with a battery life of 616km, 30%-80% charging only takes 27 minutes.
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