Million-level price: U9 will be available on February 25

Release Date : 2024-02-18
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A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that the U9, a pure electric supercar owned by Look Up, will be officially launched on February 25th.The new car will be equipped with Yi Sifang platform technology, with 0-100km/h acceleration reaching 2 seconds, and the price may be one million yuan.
From the appearance point of view, look up to U9 adopts the design language of “The Gate of Time and Space”. The headlight shape is inspired by outer space, and the C-shaped lamp group makes it highly recognizable.The entire front line is full of strength, the impact force is extremely strong, and the drag coefficient is kept to a minimum.
The side of the body adopts the classic body proportional structure of the fuel vehicle, and the low-lying body posture shows a dynamic effect of eager to try. The shape of the edge of the lower window frame of the front door is dynamic, and the butterfly door opening method will be adopted.
The car comes standard with carbon fiber components, and a large carbon fiber fixed spoiler can also be installed at the rear of the car, which is full of “GT sense”.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 4966/2029/1295 (1338) mm, the wheelbase is 2900mm, the wheel size is 275/35 R21 and 325/30 R21, and a variety of colors of brake calipers will also be provided.
The interior of the Bmw U9 adopts a two-seater layout, and the barrel-shaped seats are decorated with stitching, which looks well wrapped.The three-spoke steering wheel adopts a flat-bottomed design with an LCD screen in front.
The central control adopts a T-shaped layout as a whole, with a large vertical screen in the middle.The bottom is hollow, which is convenient for storing items.A small independently designed screen is used on the side of the co-pilot of the car, which is not embedded.
In the power part, this car will be equipped with a four-motor system. The maximum power of the four motors is 240kW, and the comprehensive power is 960kW, which is 1306 horsepower!It is equipped with Yunnian-X technology, which can provide powerful chassis control capabilities.
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