Look at the dragon’s face in the Year of the Dragon! BYD Qin L/Tang MAX renderings!

Release Date : 2024-02-21
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2024 coincides with the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Lunar New Year. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a god that symbolizes power and prosperity. As a special symbol in traditional culture, BYD has incorporated the element of "dragon" into its styling design. What kind of dragon-faced design will BYD bring to everyone? Not long ago, the application drawing of BYD Qin L model was just exposed. As the latest work of BYD's Longyan aesthetic design, the appearance can be said to be sharp. At the same time, BYD Tang MAX is expected to debut in the Year of the Dragon, which is positioned as an MPV model. Although both are products of Longyan design, their appearance and character are completely different. Next, let us take a look at the renderings of BYD Qin L and Tang MAX.
The models in BYD's dynasty family basically adopt Longyan design, but if you carefully compare them, you will find that the SUVs and sedans in the family adopt exterior designs with different personalities. Due to the difference in vehicle shape and volume, the front face of the SUV model is more calm and solemn, reflecting the power and majesty of the traditional Chinese "dragon" element, and the overall design is more concrete. On the other hand, the family's sedans and coupe SUVs, which focus on sports attributes, have sharper shapes under the same dragon-like design, showing off their edge without reservation. Not only that, the hybrid version and the pure electric version of the same model also differ in design details. It can be said that although they all adopt the same design concept, changes in details give each car a different "dragon face" charm.
The application drawings of BYD Qin L were exposed not long ago. As the latest work of BYD Longyan Design, what kind of vehicle character does its styling language create? Compared with Qin PLUS, its appearance is fuller, and the most recognizable one is the "big mouth" shape, which further enhances the visual width of the front face and also shows a good sense of movement. As mentioned before, as a member of the Dynasty series sedan family, it does not shy away from showing its edge. Whether it is the sharp shape of the lamp group or the sharp corners in the details, it seems that you can feel the speed of rolling between the sky and the sea. feel.
Looking at the side of the car body, the body waistline and door panels on the side of the Qin L shape the shape in a more slimming direction, like a slender dragon body. While fitting the dragon-faced design, it also echoes the sense of movement and speed on the front face, extending the sharp edges of the front face towards the rear of the car. The rear part of the car still has the iconic through-type taillights in the BYD family. But in the details, we can see that the exterior facade shape of the lamp unit has a twist, making it more three-dimensional. In addition, its internal light source shape is also arranged and combined like scales, making it more delicate. The lower surround part has changed from the complex shape stack of Qin PLUS, replaced by a more sporty split shape and rear diffuser. Just exposing two pictures of Qin L's declaration is naturally not enough to satisfy everyone's appetite. Next, let us enjoy more renderings of BYD Qin L. You can also wait and see how similar the imaginary pictures we drew will be when the official pictures are released later.
Through multi-angle display, we can find that the Qin L's slightly slippery roof line and the slightly upturned duck tail allow us to see styling elements that are in line with the current aesthetic trend. At the same time, the styling corners and line contours at different angles make us look forward to the debut of Qin L's real car.
BYD Tang MAX spy photos
After looking at the sharp and slightly angular BYD Qin L, let's look at a more mysterious and muscular "dragon". The mysterious point is that currently only heavily camouflaged spy photos of this car have been exposed, and even the shape of its light group has only one outline. What is certain is that this model is positioned as an MPV, and judging from previous spy photos, the car may be a medium to large MPV. The model name has not yet been finalized, but it is expected to be named Tang MAX.
Let's take a look at the spy photos first. I have to say that its appearance is indeed a bit like the Denza D9, especially the turning shape of the rear of the car, as well as the overall sense of fullness and volume.The front part of the face is currently covered with heavy camouflage material, and only the general outline and volume relationship can be seen clearly.The overall front face shape is relatively round and full, and the length of the front part of the car is similar to that of the Denza D9.In the details, you can vaguely see the horizontal air intake grille below the front surround and the design of the front lip at the bottom.
On the side of the car body, the overall shape is relatively square, with a straight waistline throughout, and the rear doors still use side sliding doors to open. In terms of body size, taking the guardrails on the roadside as a reference, the side body is about a little more than two guardrails in length. A similar street guardrail is about 2 meters long. It can be inferred that the length of the new car should be about 5 meters. The probability is within 5 meters. In the details, the center cover of the vehicle's wheel rim adopts the text style of "Tang", which further proves that it is likely to be an MPV model of the Tang family. At the rear of the car, the overall design is still square and full, with taillights located on both sides. In the details, we can see that the corner of the tail is similar to that of the Denza D9, adopting an inward shape.
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