Full-stack 800V high-voltage system, the new zeekr 001 is launched today

Release Date : 2024-02-27
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We learned from the official that the new zeekr 001 will be officially launched on the evening of February 27th. Zeekr 001 is positioned as a pure electric medium and large car. As a mid-term facelift model, the new car has upgraded its appearance and interior, and its configuration will also be improved. It will be equipped with lidar, 800V high-voltage platform technology, 8295 chip, dual-chamber air suspension and 35.5 inch AR-HUD head-up display and other configurations.
In terms of appearance, the new car has made minor adjustments to its appearance. The front face adopts a shape similar to that of zeekr 001 FR. The air intake at the lower part of the front of the car has become wider, and the air guide grooves on both sides are larger in size. The entire front of the car looks more fierce. . In addition, the reflectors on both sides of the rear of the car have also been replaced with the same trapezoidal design as zeekr 001 FR.
The new car is divided into lidar version and lidar-free version according to different configurations. In addition, the rims will also be available in a variety of sizes and styles, and the brake calipers will also be available in orange and gray, with optional tow hooks. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4977/1999/1545 (1533) mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3005mm.
The interior has also been upgraded with more details. In addition to using ultra-luxurious materials such as standard NAPPA first-layer leather, the houndstooth perforated seats are also more refined. Not only that, the window buttons have been replaced with lever-type ones, the electronic door handles have been upgraded, and the wireless charging area is also covered with suede. In addition, the car system may be equipped with the 8295 chip, the 15.05-inch 2.5K OLED central control screen is also very eye-catching, and there are also new configurations such as a 35.5-inch AR-HUD head-up display.
It is worth noting that the new zeekr 001 model will add a 5D viewing mode, which can realize wind, rain, fog, etc. in the plot through cockpit hardware linkage. It is said that the seats will also vibrate. You can also see the KR AI large model and healthy decompression chamber mode on the central control screen.
In terms of power, the new car is expected to use 800V high-voltage platform technology, and will still have rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. The single-motor version will be equipped with a motor produced by Quzhou Jidian Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 310 kilowatts. The maximum power of the front motor of the dual-motor version is 270 kW and the rear motor is 310 kW.
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