The official image of the 2024 Denza N7 will be released in March

Release Date : 2024-02-27
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On February 27th, we obtained the official map of the 2024 Denza N7 model, a medium-sized SUV, from the Denza automobile brand.The front face of the new car abandons the current “beard” design and adopts a brand new design style, which is more in line with the mainstream aesthetic.At the same time, the car is expected to be launched within March. According to BYD's recent “increase in volume and no price” operation, the 2024 Denza N7 may be adjusted in configuration and even price to improve the vehicle's cost performance.
From the appearance point of view, the 2024 Denza N7 simplifies the previous complex lines in the front face design, and the design elements similar to arrow feathers in the main light enhance the recognition and layering.The semi-C-shaped lamp bodies on both sides are simple and beautiful, and the lidar is built into them, which is more concise and refreshing.At the same time, the color scheme of the models in the picture is the 2024 new car color, which has outstanding appearance.
It is understood that in addition to changes in appearance details, the 2024 Denza N7 will also be upgraded in configuration. The Yunnian-A intelligent air body control system will be upgraded from a single-cavity to a double-cavity air spring suspension, and comfort will definitely be further improved.At the same time, BYD's previously released close-range valet parking function may be mass-produced for the first time on the car.It is worth mentioning that its city NOA is also planned to be launched in the first quarter of this year.
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