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Release Date : 2024-02-28
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On February 27, Xu Dengtao, director of iM Automobile Creative Design Center, released a set of imaginary pictures of the iM L7 hunting suit version of its medium and large sedans on domestic social platforms, with the text "Will hunting suit become a new fashion trend?" If iM also launches an L7 hunting coupe, will it prick your heart? I mean...what if?" As we learned, there are 9 models of the current iM L7 on sale, with the price range ranging from 299,900 to 578,800 yuan. Depending on the configuration, the CLTC cruising range is 615 kilometers, 625 kilometers, 675 kilometers and 708 kilometers.
In terms of appearance, let's take a look at the imaginary picture released. The car is based on the IM L7 sedan and adopts a well-recognized family-style design language.The first half of its body is basically the same as the sedan version, with an iconic front, and a lidar is also arranged above the front windshield.In terms of details, the model in the imaginary picture adopts the suspected current Rembrandt gray and Raphael tea color scheme, and is equipped with five-spoke flower racing wheels, which doubles the sense of fashion.Of course, as a good “partner” for hunting models, the roof box is not absent, and the overall sense of layering is rich.
The new car will have a fatter rear design.Its roof line will not slide down as quickly as the sedan version after the B-pillar, which will bring greater trunk space, and the head space in the second row is expected to increase simultaneously.A spoiler has been added to the rear roof, which is matched with the same penetrating taillight set as the sedan version, which is stylish and personalized.

   In terms of power, the current IM L7 is equipped with a total power of 250 kilowatts, 425 kilowatts, and 445 kilowatts according to different configurations; in terms of battery life, the CLTC has a range of 615 kilometers, 625 kilometers, 675 kilometers, and 708 kilometers to choose from.For the official imaginary map released this time, did it make your eyes shine?If it is launched on the market, do you buy it?Welcome to leave a message and interact in the comment area.
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