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Release Date : 2024-03-01
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On March 1, Li AUTO's first pure electric MPV - MEGA was officially launched, priced at 559,800 yuan. As the flagship product of Li AUTO, this car has attracted a lot of attention since its exposure. It has a unique appearance design, the wind resistance coefficient is as low as that of a sedan, the car adopts a three-row seven-seater layout, and is equipped with the latest With intelligent configuration, Kirin battery supports 12 minutes of charging and a battery life of 500km, with a maximum battery life of up to 710km.
The ”high-speed rail" shape is very recognizable

Seeing MEGA's unique design, many people will think that it is for eye-catching, but in fact, this shape is completely for the function-wind resistance, which is also the ideal breakthrough point for creating this MPV.The wind resistance coefficient of the Li MEGA is 0.215CD, which has reached the level of many pure ELECTRIC CARS, so that it does not need to be equipped with ridiculously heavy batteries, and IT also makes it possible for this car to land.
Li MEGA has a front end like a high-speed train, with a smooth transition between the front bumper and the front hatch. From here, an arc extends to the rear of the car, with the highest point at the top of the B-pillar. The surface of the front of the car is very simple, with no additional decoration, and even the brand LOGO is hidden in the black area above.
MEGA continues the most recognizable star ring lights of the Li AUTO L series. For the needs of aesthetics and pedestrian protection, the new star ring lights maintain a plane with the body without bumps or seams.There is also a U-shaped area similar to the L series under the front of the car, which combines the lamp group, the cooling grille, and some sensors.In order to clean the oversized windshield, this car is also equipped with ultra-long wipers, the cleaning range covers the camera above, and the wiper blade water spray function is also used, which is more expensive than traditional wipers.
With a length, width and height of 5350/1965/1850mm and a wheelbase of 3300mm, the MEGA's bulky dimensions are not suitable for most 'budget families'. The sides of the car are also clean, with hidden door handles on the front and rear doors, and 18-inch black wheels with low wind resistance. The black and silver paintwork, reminiscent of a spaceship or a steel building, is the first thing you'll notice about the car, but it's also available in Grey Metallic, Panda White Pearl and Elephant Grey Special Edition Pearl.
Many concept cars that go for low wind resistance have a tucked-in rear end, and the MEGA does the same. At the rear it also features a two-colour design and has star-ring lights that echo the front end, with sensors, cameras, etc. mostly hidden in black areas.

  Everyone has a different take on the design, with some finding the Ideal MEGA very sci-fi, while others find it completely unattractive. Whether it's praise or criticism, it's enough that the car has gained a lot of attention in a short period of time based on its disruptive design alone.
Is the car an "improved mobile home"?

  The Li AUTO MEGA adheres to the Li AUTO "mobile home" concept, but takes it up a notch in terms of size and experience. The new car continues the interior styling of the L-Class, but with a number of adjustments for its positioning.
MEGA's center CONSOLE was changed to a layered design, and the shape of the air-conditioning air outlet was also changed.The multi-function steering wheel with a small screen and the central/co-pilot dual screen are very familiar to everyone, but the dual screen has been upgraded to an OLED screen, and the car machine chip has also been upgraded to a Qualcomm 8295 chip.The new car-machine has improved both computing speed and interaction ability.Ideal MEGA also put the digital rearview mirror image on the HUD for the first time, while retaining the physical rearview mirror and streaming media rearview mirror, and is equipped with a Li AUTO Platinum sound system with 21 speakers as standard, with a maximum power of 2160 watts.
At the front, this car comes with narrow-rimmed electronic interior mirrors, dual 50W wireless ventilated fast chargers. The front seats are equipped with heating, ventilation and 16-point massage (10 points for the back and 6 points for the cushions). There are also two other highlights: the main driver's seat supports cushion softness and hardness adjustment with Comfort, Standard, Sport, and Auto modes, which automatically adjusts according to the suspension settings; the passenger seat has a power integrated leg rest with an angle of up to 65 degrees, and can be used normally without moving the seat back.
The second row is the essence of Li MEGA. It is equipped with a 17-inch OLED screen with 3K resolution, and officials say it is the first model to provide both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos experiences. In addition, its screen projection sound effect has been improved compared to the L series. Here, the small table on the rear passenger side and the car refrigerator will certainly not be absent. The refrigerator uses a compressor for cooling/heating, with temperatures of 0-7℃/35-50℃ respectively, and a capacity of 8.8L. The rear air-conditioning control located on the refrigerator uses a touch screen, replacing the physical buttons of the previous model.
The independent seats in the second row are even more powerful, with 16-point massage, 270-degree surround heating (including armrests, legrests, backrests, and cushions), seat ventilation, and 50W wireless ventilation and fast charging. These functions are available.Official data show that its cushion length is 530mm, the height of the backrest is 613mm, the angle of the backrest can be 70 degrees to lie flat, and the adjustment angle of the leg rest can reach 78 degrees.After installing two independent seats, the width of the central passage of the car is still 160mm, which is relatively friendly to the third row of passengers in and out.
Thanks to the wide body, Li MEGA's third-row performance is also worth looking forward to. This position has side windows that are more than 1 meter long. The length of the seat cushions of the three rows of seats reaches 530mm, and the backrest height reaches 613mm. It provides comfortable pillows, electric backrest angle adjustment, and seat heating functions. In addition, in order to facilitate communication between front-row and third-row passengers, the car also provides a call function for first- and third-row passengers.
The third row of seats can be electrically inverted with one key and folded forward with one key. The depth of the folded seat reaches 1066mm, while its standard depth can reach 680mm.In actual measurements, when 7 people are fully loaded, a maximum of 4 28-inch suitcases and 2 20-inch suitcases can be loaded.In addition, under the floor, the car also has 42L of storage space.

  In fact, Li MEGA still had a 2+3+3 eight-seater layout when it was developed. This is because Li WANTS to have 5 children. He believes that eight seats are just needed by some large families, but the eight-seater version has certain sacrifices in comfort and convenience, and IT was eventually CANCELLED.

●What are the smart driving and safety configurations of AD Max?

 Li MEGA's intelligent driving configuration is consistent with the L series, it will be equipped with AD Max intelligent driving hardware and software, with two NVIDIA Orin-X intelligent driving chips, with an arithmetic power of 508 TOPS, equipped with 128 lines of LIDAR, 11 cameras, 1 forward millimetre wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar. It is worth mentioning that Li AUTO will be OTA upgraded to version 5.2 in the first half of this year to open the full-scene intelligent driving, ideal MEGA in and out of the ramp, overtaking and changing lanes, more like an old driver; there is no problem to pass through the ETC, and to achieve the non-sense of high-speed and the city between the senseless passage, to achieve the real country can be driven.
Functionality, it supports full-scene intelligent driving NOA (city scene intersection passage, city scene avoidance detour, congestion scene game lane change, lane change overtaking, access ramp, according to the road speed limit control), full-scene assisted driving LCC (responding to the signal light through the intersection, city scene avoidance detour, construction scene deceleration avoidance, merging / diverging intersections to autonomously select the lanes, automatic recommendation and generation of the lane line, the lane is centred in the middle of the hold, in response to the turn signal command to initiate a change of lanes), intelligent parking (auto-parking, off-road parked in, remote parked out, valet parking) as well as a series of active safety configurations.
In terms of safety, the car comes with nine airbags as standard and uses side air curtains of up to 90 litres and up to 3.2 metres in size on both sides, capable of covering members of all three rows. Officially, its white body torsional stiffness is as high as 44,000Nm/deg. The Li MEGA features aluminium rear impact beams, a one-piece die-cast aluminium rear floor skeleton, a cushioning space of 800mm for the third row, and one gigapascal of high-strength steel for the third-row seatback frames.

● Equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive + dual-chamber air suspension, Kirin 5C battery charges quickly

  Li MEGA is built on 800V pure electric architecture, equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, the front motor maximum power of 155kW, the rear motor maximum power of 245kW, the combined maximum power of 400kW, the peak torque of 542Nm, it accelerates from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds. Meanwhile, with its ultra-low wind resistance coefficient, its CLTC working condition power consumption is only 15.9kWh/100km, with an energy cost of 7.6 cents per kilometre (home charging).
As for the battery, this car is equipped with the Kirin 5C battery developed by Li in cooperation with CATL, with a capacity of 102.7kWh, giving it a CLTC cruising range of 710km. In terms of charging, officials say that using overcharging can achieve a range of 500km in 12 minutes of charging, and the peak charging power is 520kW. In addition, it also supports 3.5kW external discharge function.
The car features a front double wishbone rear H-arm multi-link chassis structure. Notably, it comes standard with a dual-chamber air suspension matched with a CDC variable damping damper. It has a suspension adjustment range of 70mm and supports loading mode, adjustable-at-speed mode and off-road mode.

● Charging network construction
Official data show that as of December 31, 2023, 300 Ideal 5C super charging stations have been completed and put into use, realizing the connectivity of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area and the core cities of Chengdu and Chongqing.In 2024, the goal is to launch a total of 2,000+ super charging stations, to achieve 70% coverage of the national high-speed main line and 50% coverage of the core urban areas of third-tier cities and above.In 2025, the goal is to launch a total of 5,000+ super charging stations, to achieve 90% coverage of the national high-speed main line and 90% coverage of the core urban areas of Tier 4 and above cities.

●Market competition

As far as pure electric MPV is concerned, everyone will think of many Chinese brand products, such as Xpeng X9, Denza D9, VOYAHDreamer, and zeekr 009.Whose market will the Li MEGA grab?In fact, you can refer to a real user-Li Xiang.
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