The 10,000th Zeekr007 was officially delivered

Release Date : 2024-03-07
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On December 27, 2023, Polar Krypton 007 was launched, and a total of 5 models were launched.The design language of this model is called “Hidden Energy”, which focuses on hidden and simple luxury styles.At present, the 10,000th Zeekr007 has been officially delivered, and it only took 67 days.
In appearance, it has perfect body proportions.The front of the car adopts a hidden design, and the headlights and smart light curtains are perfectly integrated with the body.The body has an integrated die-cast rear-end aluminum body, which improves the rigidity of the vehicle while reducing the number of parts and welds.
The integrated and smooth back, and the large field of view through the canopy, make the field of view wider.
The car is equipped with spacious and comfortable seats, so it is not tired after sitting for a long time.The main and co-pilot have functions such as ventilation, heating, memory, and massage to give users a better experience.The interior space is spacious and the storage capacity is large.The high-strength alloy body makes driving safer.
Functionally, this car has fast acceleration and long battery life. It is equipped with a system that supports eye-gaze interaction and intelligent voice car control. At the same time, the intelligent driver assistance system can help drivers better understand the driving situation and make driving easier and more comfortable.The acceleration time of 100 kilometers in the rear-wheel drive single-motor version is 5.4 seconds, and the acceleration time of the four-wheel drive dual-motor version is only 2.84 seconds.

Its various advantages make users praise it.
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