Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer official picture

Release Date : 2024-03-14
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Recently, Volkswagen released its ID.7 The official picture of the GTX Tourer model.Look at the new car, the overall appearance and ID of the new car.The 7 Tourer has not changed much. The vehicle has adopted a brand new front surround shape. The original air vents on both sides have been changed to two triangular light groups, which are more refined on the basis of enhancing the sense of movement.In addition, the internal shape of the front grille has also been changed to a diamond shape, which is richer in details.
On the side of the body, the new car has been blackened on all the details of the decoration, which has a stronger overall sense than the ordinary version of the model.The visual effect of the suspended roof is more prominent, and the shape of the luggage rack is still retained above.In addition, the vehicle also adopts brand new 20-inch five-spoke “blade” rims, as well as the “GTX” logo on the door.If you want a fuller visual effect, you can also install 21-inch wheels.Estimated new car size and ID.The 7 Tourer is the same, with a length, width and height of 4961/1862/1536 mm and a wheelbase of 2971mm.In the rear part of the car, the vehicle adopts blackened taillights with black decoration below, and the diamond-shaped shape inside echoes the front of the car.
In the interior part, the overall interior highlights the rich sports atmosphere, mainly black, and red is used to outline the details.The new car also provides brand new sports seats, equipped with 12-way electric adjustment, seat memory, seat heating/ventilation functions, etc.In terms of configuration, the new car provides AR-HUD, IDA voice assistance, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.In addition, GTX models also provide intelligent driving assistance systems such as automatic parking and ACC adaptive cruise.
In terms of power, Volkswagen ID.7 GTX Tourer as ID.The performance version of the 7 Tourer, which will be equipped with dual motors, can output 335 horsepower, and uses four-wheel drive.In terms of replenishment, the car will use the same ID.The same 86kWh battery pack as the 7 Tourer can be charged 10%-80% within 30 minutes.
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