Unexpected way to open the door zeekr MIX real car map exposure

Release Date : 2024-03-15
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The zeekr MIX , which was just announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology the day before, reappeared in everyone's vision. An unmarked test car was photographed in Heihe. In addition, spy photos of the car's door opening also appeared on the Internet, which filled the expectation value.
zeekr X adopts a ”big bread" body structure. Its body length, width and height are 4688/1995/1755 mm, but the wheelbase reaches 3008 mm, which means it will have considerable interior space.The front of this car is similar to the style of the zeekr 007, and it will also be equipped with an integrated smart light screen.
The models in the photo are not equipped with lidar, but there is still this option in the declaration information, and it will be provided to high-end models in the future.So far, the car has shown a black and white, black and gold two-color matching style, combined with its unique appearance and shape, it is impressive.The test car photographed is equipped with 19-inch multi-spoke wheels, and the high-end models will be upgraded to 20 inches.
I believe everyone is very curious about the way the doors of this car are opened, and there is no official news yet.However, judging from the recently exposed spy photos, the driver's side of the car is expected to adopt a traditional front door + side sliding rear door, while the co-pilot's side is expected to adopt a folio side sliding door. The practicality is worth looking forward to.
The tail design of zeekr MIX is very simple, with a penetrating light strip located in the lower part of the rear windshield, and the two blend together.Since the interior has not yet been exposed, the car's central control style, seat function, trunk space, etc. are still unknown.However, there is news that the front seats of the car can be rotated from 0-180, and the central armrests support front and rear movement.
zeekr MIX is equipped with a motor model TZ235XYC01 with a maximum power of 310kW.At present, two versions have been declared, with a curb weight of 2739kg and 2639kg, respectively. Both are equipped with Ningde Era ternary lithium batteries. The estimated battery capacity is different.
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