The new model of Voyah dream is officially launched

Release Date : 2024-03-15
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 On March 14th,Voyah Motors announced that its Voyah dream will launch two more pure tram models.The overall styling design of the new models has not changed. The body size, length, width and height are 5315/1985/1820 mm, and the wheelbase is 3200mm.The long battery life excellent version of the CLTC pure electric battery life is 510km, and the configuration level has a 540° ultra-clear panoramic image + transparent chassis, 24h cloud BMS battery doctor, middle-row OEKO-TEX first-class wide-fit seats, etc.
The ultra-long battery life Premium version has a longer range, its battery power is 108.73kWh, and the CLTC pure battery life is up to 650km.The first and second rows of the car are equipped with massage, heating, and ventilation functions, and are equipped with hall-level Dynaudio audio.In addition, it is also equipped with an L2.5 intelligent driving assistance system, which provides 25 intelligent driving assistance functions including APA+RPA automatic parking, AEB, and lever lane change.
In terms of power, the two new models are equipped with torque vector control intelligent four-wheel drive systems, with front and rear motor power reaching 160kW, and can be 0%-100% intelligent stepless adjustment, with a comprehensive maximum power of 320kW and a maximum torque of 620N·M.
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