exeed Star Chronicles ET to open for pre-order on April 15

Release Date : 2024-03-19
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 A few days ago, we learned from the official, StarTour Star Era's first SUV - Star Era ET (parameters | inquiry) will be launched on April 15 pre-sale. The new car is based on Chery's new E0X high-end intelligent electric platform, focusing on pure electric medium and large SUV market.
In terms of exterior styling, the Star Era ET adopts the design concept of "Bigger is More Extravagant", with a sharp front face, unique ISD wind language interactive lights and penetrating LED daytime running lights, the visual effect is calm and atmospheric. The two sides of the front enclosure adopt an expanded "eight" ventilated opening, which has a certain sporty atmosphere.
The body lines are full and rounded, the tail uses a penetrating tail lamp group, the shape is relatively simple, the large size of the rear window glass has a good view. Body dimensions, the new car length, width and height were 4955/1975/1698mm, wheelbase 3000mm.
The first feeling brought by the interior of Star Era ET is the "futuristic feeling", and the light-colored style is really cozy and homey, as well as very simple. The one-touch zero-gravity seats are made of Nuprima nubuck-feeling luxury leather fabric, combined with heating and ventilation, massage and memory functions, making the driving experience more comfortable. In addition, the new car is equipped with a removable "Star Bar", dual-layer flow three-temperature zone heat pump air conditioning, 7.1.4-channel panoramic sound 23 Jan + 2140W super-power amplifier Lion Melody Max audio system.
In terms of intelligence, Star Era ET is equipped with 30 high-performance sensors + 508TOPS arithmetic (2 Orin-X chips), realizing NEP full-scene Smart Driving Assistance (City Smart Driving Assistance, High-speed Smart Driving Assistance, Intelligent Parking) to satisfy a variety of Smart Driving travel scenarios. At the same time, Star Era ET is equipped with a full-stack self-developed DHS health monitoring system, based on visual recognition technology + deep neural network model analysis, capable of monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, etc., and automatically generating reports on a regular basis, to comprehensively take care of the health of home users.
In terms of power, the car adopts dual-motor four-wheel drive, with the front axle motor having a maximum power of 183kW (249 hp) and the rear axle motor having a maximum power of 230kW (312 hp), the combined power may exceed 500 hp, and the acceleration of 0-100km/h is 5.46 s. In addition, the Star Epoch ET is also equipped with the first NINGDER TIME SHENGXING super-charged battery, which is able to do under normal temperature conditions "Charge 10 minutes, Shenxing 400 kilometers", and under the extreme cold environment of -20℃, Star Era ET SOC 20%-80% takes 24 minutes.
Born on the E0X electric platform, the Star Era ET brings together technologies such as the 800V high-voltage system, the EEA5.0 electronic and electrical architecture, the Shenxing super-charged battery, the NEP full-scene intelligent driver assistance, the AI big model, the gimbal chassis, etc. It is equipped with the IAS intelligent air suspension and the CDC electromagnetic damping system, which can intelligently pre-emptively scan the road conditions in front of it, and quickly respond to adjusting the height of the suspension and the softness and hardness of the damping.
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