Intersection Capacity Improvement xpeng to Push OTA 4.6.0

Release Date : 2024-03-19
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Recently,xpeng Motors announced the launch of OTA 4.6.0. This upgrade is aimed at three models of xpeng G6 (parameter|inquiry), G9 and P7i. This upgrade involves intelligent driving assistance, intelligent parking, air conditioning and other aspects.
For intelligent assisted driving, the official said that 72% of the intersection capacity, 43% of the traffic flow avoidance capacity, 21% of the lane centering stability, lateral offset avoidance side car amplitude perfect. Intelligent parking part, for potholes and slopes and other unconventional parking spaces, optimized the ability of the vehicle in and out of the parking space, intelligent parking function to achieve more parking lot scene coverage. In other aspects, the following distance is optimized at higher speeds on highways and urban expressways, the in-vehicle air purification system will automatically adjust the purification strategy according to the state of internal and external circulation, and the tire pressure display and charging experience is upgraded.
On March 16, He xpeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, disclosed for the first time at the China Electric Vehicle 100 Association high-level forum that xpeng Automobile will soon release a new brand and officially enter the 100,000-150,000-grade global automobile market. The goal of the new brand is to subvert technological innovation in this market price band and create a new species of AI intelligent driving. The official release of the new brand's new car teaser image, which will be positioned as a pure electric sedan. It is reported that the new brand will be named "MONA". In addition, in the second quarter of this year, Xiaopeng AI intelligent driving model will be officially "on board".
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