Up $5,000 Tesla Model Y to get price hike on 1 April

Release Date : 2024-03-20
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On April 1, we learned from the domestic media, Tesla is about to officially increase the price on April 1, Model Y models priced at 5,000 yuan; at the same time, the current 8,000 yuan of official insurance subsidy policy for existing cars, up to 10,000 yuan of paint reduction policy will also expire on March 31, the actual price increase in this price hike of up to 23,000 yuan.
The 2024 Tesla Model Y is currently on sale in three models with a price range of $258,900-363,900. The car was launched in February this year, equipped with a new generation of automatic assisted driving hardware (HW4.0) equipped with ultra-long-range binocular camera, the farthest detection distance up to 424 metres, the detection ability of the upper limit has been greatly improved, and it can sense the changes in the road conditions in front of it earlier. At the same time, Model Y is equipped with seven cameras around the body, the pixels have been upgraded to 5 million, able to 360-degree clear perception of changes in the surrounding road conditions, close parking, lane changing, driving in narrow lanes, and so on, to enhance the driving experience.
In terms of power, depending on the configuration, the total power of the 2024 Model Y electric motor is 299 hp, 450 hp and 486 hp, corresponding to the CLTC pure electric range of 554km, 688km and 615km.
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