With a battery life of 401km, BYD Yuan UP is expected to be launched on March 26

Release Date : 2024-03-21
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   A few days ago, we learned from the domestic media, BYD Yuan UP is expected to be officially listed on 26 March. The new car will belong to the "Yuan" family camp, sold in the dynasty sales network, and it is also the first small pure electric SUV born from BYD e platform 3.0, CLTC comprehensive working condition range of 401km.
 In terms of appearance, the new car's overall shape is square with round, rigid and flexible, which maintains the Dynasty's Dragon Face aesthetic design style and incorporates more fashionable and youthful elements. Specifically, the car adopts a new design style, with a closed front grille adding black panels and the Yuan LOGO in small seal script in the centre, together with the narrow headlamps on both sides, giving it an outstanding sense of hierarchy. At the same time, its front bumper has a unique shape and is highly recognisable.
 On the side of the car, the car adopts hidden door handles, and its bottom edge also adds black panels as well as chrome elements to increase the off-road atmosphere. The rear profile of the BYD UP is full and rounded, and the horizontal running tail lights complement the car's cool and cute style. It's worth noting that the car differs from the existing Dynasty model in that the tail mark uses the BYD word logo, rather than the Yuan style in the same small seal script as the front end. Meanwhile, the car adopts a light green colour scheme, making it very youthful overall.
   In terms of interior, the new car adopts a black + beige dual-colour colour scheme, with a panoramic canopy making the interior more spacious and bright. Specifically, the interior still has a strong BYD family design style, 12.8-inch central control screen + 8.8-inch LCD instrument combination greatly enhance the vehicle's sense of technology. In addition, the new car in the multi-function steering wheel, gear lever near the retained a certain number of physical buttons, for not accustomed to touch-screen control of friends is very friendly.
   The new front driver's seat supports electric adjustment, while the rear row has a good space performance, and the rear floor is very flat, sitting in the middle position will not affect the comfort. In addition, the new car will provide USB ports and small storage compartments in the rear. BYD Yuan UP's trunk space performance is also outstanding, showing some practical attributes, the rear seat is expected to support 4/6 ratio put down.
  In terms of body dimensions, its length, width and height are 4310/1830/1675mm, with a wheelbase of 2620mm, positioning it as a small SUV.In terms of power, according to the previously declared information, the car adopts a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor with model number TZ200XSW, with a maximum power of 130kW. In terms of range, its CLTC comprehensive working condition range is 301km and 401km respectively.
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