The wheelbase is 3008mm! ZEEKR MIX official picture officially released!

Release Date : 2024-03-22
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    On March 22, we learned from the official that the official image of Zeekr’s fifth model, Zeekr MIX, was officially released. The new car will continue the latest design language of Zeekr, equipped with STARGATE integrated smart light screen, and adopt a new door opening method.
In terms of appearance, the car adopts the Hidden Energy minimalist appearance design language used by ZEEKR 007. The front face lines are rounded, and the headlights adopt a slender shape, which is full of technology. At the same time, the large black air intake below it also enriches the visual layering of this car.
     On the side of the body, ZEEKR MIX adopts a "big bread" body structure. The length, width and height of the body are 4688/1995/1755mm respectively, but the wheelbase reaches 3008mm, which means it will have considerable interior space. I believe everyone is curious about how the car's doors are opened. There is no official news yet. However, judging from the recently exposed spy photos, the driver's side of the car is expected to use a traditional front door + side sliding rear door, while the passenger side is expected to use a split side sliding door. The practicality is worth looking forward to.
    The rear design of ZEEKR MIX is very simple, with a through-type light strip located at the lower part of the rear windshield, and the two are integrated together. At the same time, the black rear surround shape and color match the front of the car. Based on previous information, it is expected that the new car will provide 19-inch multi-spoke wheels, and high-end models will be upgraded to 20 inches. In addition, it is expected that high-end models of Ji Krypton MIX will also be equipped with lidar.
    In terms of power, according to previous declaration information, ZEEKR MIX will be equipped with a motor model TZ235XYC01 with a maximum power of 310kW. Currently, two versions have been declared, with curb weights of 2739kg and 2639kg respectively. Both are equipped with CATL ternary lithium batteries, and the battery capacities are estimated to be different.
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