Chevrolet Pathfinder Plus Official Photos Debut at Beijing Auto Show

Release Date : 2024-03-27
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A few days ago, SAIC Chevrolet officially released official pictures of the Pathfinder Plus model. This car is actually the new generation of the Pathfinder (Equinox) model just released overseas in January this year. The Pathfinder Plus will offer two interior and exterior design styles, RS and ACTIV, interpreting the fashionable new classics of American SUVs. In terms of power, the Pathfinder Plus is the first to apply SAIC-GM's new-generation PHEV Smart Plug-in technology, while Chevrolet's first Otter Energy pure-electric SUV will also make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show.
Taking the overseas version as an example, you can have a quick look at the features of the vehicle. In terms of appearance, the Pathfinder Plus adopts the latest familial design language, with a more squared-off and hard-edged front face, which is more in line with current aesthetic trends than the current model's rather dated appearance. Both models are equipped with split headlights with honeycomb grilles, accented by monograms, with the Activ version having a larger grille, all blacked out, and the RS version having a tighter grille.
Side of the body, the Pathfinder Plus body is like a scaled-down version of the Traverse model, the overall side lines are more similar, the C-pillar and suspended models are still very recognizable. In addition, the two models will also be equipped with different styles of wheels and tires, Activ version is more focused on off-road orientation, RS version is more focused on daily road driving. Body dimensions, the overseas version of the vehicle length, width and height were 4653/1902/1667mm, wheelbase 2730mm, compared with the current U.S. version of the model, widened 51mm.
Inside, the Pathfinder Plus comes with a three-spoke steering wheel and an 11-inch digital instrument cluster and 11.3-inch center screen for a more technological interior. This time around, Chevrolet has also upgraded the driver assistance and safety features. The new safety assistance package includes enhanced lane keep assist, automatic emergency braking with collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert, rear traffic alert with automatic braking, lane change alert and more. In terms of space, the trunk volume is 845L, expanding to 1,799L with the rear seats down.
In terms of power, the new overseas version of the car will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which can output a maximum power of 177 hp and a maximum torque of 275 Nm. The future domestic version from the official expression, is expected to be equipped with plug-in hybrid system, more news, we will pay further attention.
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