Chery OMODA Guardian Edition launched for RMB 109,900/114,900

Release Date : 2024-03-29
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Recently, Chery Automobile officially announced that its OMODA Guardian Edition model has been officially launched. It has launched two versions of 1.5T-9CVT Guardian PLUS and Guardian PRO, priced at 109,900 yuan and 114,900 yuan respectively.
In terms of appearance, the OMODA Guardian Edition is designed by Chery’s global styling team and designed globally based on global styling concepts. The position of the new logo has been changed to make it more grand and beautiful, matching the international front face. The new car offers three exterior colors: "Black Pineapple", "Yinding" and "Grey Changbang", as well as two interior colors: "Baza Black" and "Flower Blue".
In terms of intelligence, the OMODA Guardian Edition is equipped with Chery's new generation "Lion5.0 AI technology smart cockpit", equipped with an AI emotion monitoring and adjustment system and a 24.6-inch Universal Nebula immersive surround screen. In addition, OMODA is also equipped with a C-PURE net cubic green cockpit.
In terms of safety configuration, the OMODA Guardian Edition is equipped with L2 intelligent guard driving assistance. It uses full-speed ACC adaptive cruise system, AEB automatic braking system, FCW forward collision warning and other intelligent assisted driving functions, and is equipped with 540° panoramic images to provide car owners with travel assistance. Safety and security.
In terms of power, it is expected that the OMODA Guardian Edition will continue to use the current 1.5T+CVT power combination. The maximum power of the engine is 156 horsepower and the peak torque is 230 Nm.

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