Pre-sale starts from 184,900 Jietu Shanhai T2 starts pre-sale

Release Date : 2024-04-02
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On April 2, we learned from the official Jietu brand that its compact SUV, the Jietu Shanhai T2, has officially started pre-sales. A total of 3 configuration models have been launched, with the pre-sale price ranging from 184,900 to 216,900 yuan. At the same time, 7 pre-sale gifts are also launched, as shown in the figure. It is worth mentioning that the car will be launched around the opening of the Beijing Auto Show in April.
On the side of the car body, the window frames are sharp and angular, and the wheel eyebrows are bulging outwards, showing a hard-core style. It also adopts a suspended roof design. The rear is a classic "little schoolbag" assembly, and the vertical taillights are wrapped in a black frame, showing off-road temperament.
The car uses a hybrid system composed of the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid dedicated engine. The engine has a maximum power of 115 kilowatts and a peak torque of 220 N·m. Jietu Shanhai T2 is equipped with a dual-motor drive + 3-speed DHT system with a combined maximum power of 280 kilowatts and a combined maximum torque of 610 N·m. According to official reports, the engine is equipped with deep Miller cycle, fourth-generation i-HEC intelligent combustion system, HTC high-efficiency supercharging system, i-LS intelligent lubrication system, i-HTM intelligent thermal management system and HiDS high dilution system. This achieves the two major advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption. At the same time, Jietu Shanhai T2 uses CATL’s 43.24kWh battery pack matched with Kunpeng’s super electric hybrid C-DM system, providing Jietu Shanhai T2 with a pure electric range of 208km and an ultra-long comprehensive range of 1,300km+.
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