Priced from 318,800, 2024 Lexus NX is launched

Release Date : 2024-04-03
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On April 2, 2024, the 2024 Lexus NX (parameters | inquiry) was officially launched. A total of 8 models were launched including plug-in hybrid, gasoline-electric hybrid, and pure fuel. The price range is 31.88- 509,800 yuan.
2024 Lexus NX price guide
car model Version Selling price (10,000 yuan)
NX260 Chuangchi version 31.88
Chuangyue Edition 35.68
NX 350h Chuangchi version 35.58
Chuangyue Edition 38.78
Chuangyou Edition 39.98
OVERTRAIL Creative Edition 42.08
NX 400h+ plug-in hybrid Changyue version 42.98
Changling version 50.98
The 2024 Lexus NX continues the styling design of the old model, with simple and harmonious body proportions. The newly added "Supersonic Twilight Copper" is inspired by metallic copper and combined with supersonic spraying technology to present a rich red tone with a very metallic texture.
It is worth mentioning that the "OVERTRAIL PROJECT" is Lexus's latest project to encourage users to integrate into the natural environment and enter natural life. The newly added NX 350h OVERTRAIL Genesis Edition model is one of the first models in the series, with The strong off-road style and "Moon Shadow Sand" exterior color are matched with a black-themed exterior exclusive package, including a gloss black cut front grille, blackened exterior door handles, exterior rearview mirrors, side window frame trim strips and roof. luggage rack, and matte black “OVERTRAIL” exclusive 18-inch wheels.
The 2024 NX adopts the Tazuna reins concept cockpit design, and the layout design and function arrangement have been upgraded in details, such as adding a touch tracking function for the steering wheel buttons. The interior color is newly added to bright white, which combines mild brightness with low saturation to bring a sense of luxury. The overall ambient lighting system of the 2024 NX has been fully optimized, including the front and rear door trims and buttons, footrests and front storage tray areas. The atmosphere in the car is more comfortable and comfortable. The cabin ambient lights can be freely matched with 64 colors, including 14 nature-themed colors.
The NX 350h OVERTRAIL Innovation Edition model offers "OVERTRAIL's" iconic "Wild Khaki Two-Color" that combines low-saturation khaki green and black, with layered rock wood brown decorative panels, making the interior of the cockpit more natural. The seats adopt high-wrapping sports seats, and the rear seats are equipped with electric folding and heating functions.
In terms of configuration, after the upgrade, the NX 260 Chuangyue Edition, NX 350h Chuangyue Edition and NX 400h+ Changyue Edition models will be equipped with a 14-inch central LCD touch screen with anti-glare technology. The redesigned door opening button in the car is more visually obvious, and the e-Latch intelligent electronically controlled door has also been upgraded, making the opening action more comfortable and improving riding convenience.
The new car is equipped with a new generation multimedia system, Lexus Interface, and is equipped with more user-friendly technology configurations, including new intelligent voice assistants, cloud navigation, localized apps and other functions, bringing a more intuitive and convenient human-computer interaction experience. In addition, the new car comes standard with Apple CarPlay and is compatible with Baidu CarLife. The entire vehicle provides a total of 6 USB interfaces, and 2 new Type-C fast charging interfaces are added in the front row to facilitate occupants in different positions to charge mobile devices.
All new cars come standard with the new-generation Lexus Intelligent Safety System LSS+ 3.0, which greatly improves the recognition capabilities of various traffic conditions and driving scenarios by expanding the detection range of millimeter-wave radar and monocular cameras. The Advanced Park smart parking system comes with a Remote Park function, which supports the vehicle to automatically perform parking operations when the system working conditions are met, and remote control operations can also be completed outside the vehicle through a smartphone.
Lexus NX is built on the GA-K platform. In terms of power, the NX 260 model is equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 203 horsepower and a peak torque of 240 Nm. The transmission part is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual gearbox; NX 350h The model is equipped with a 2.5L gasoline-electric hybrid system, with a comprehensive system power of 240 horsepower, and the transmission system is partially matched with an E-CVT gearbox; the NX 400h+ is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, with a comprehensive maximum power of 195 kilowatts, and the WLTC operating conditions are pure The electric cruising range is 73 kilometers (Changling version) and 76 kilometers (Changyue version).
For gasoline-electric hybrid models, the motor cooling mechanism of the electronic continuously variable transmission system ECVT equipped on the 2024 Lexus NX has been upgraded from air cooling to liquid cooling (consistent with plug-in hybrid models), making it easier to drive at high speeds and climb hills. Stable power performance. In view of the vehicle's dynamic characteristics, this upgrade re-adjusted the shock absorbers and increased the stiffness of the shock absorber springs.
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