Pre-sale starts from RMB 230,000/pure electric medium-sized car iM Motors L6 pre-sale

Release Date : 2024-04-09
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On April 8, iM Motors L6 started pre-sales. The new car launched a total of 3 configuration models, with a pre-sale range of 230,000-330,000 yuan. Among them, the model equipped with solid-state batteries is officially named iM Motors L6 Max Lightyear Edition. This car is the fourth model under the iM Motors brand and is positioned as a pure electric mid-size sedan. The new car will be the first to be equipped with the industry's first mass-produced ultra-fast charging solid-state battery. The 0-100km/h acceleration will join the 2-second club. The CLTC pure electric cruising range will exceed 1,000 kilometers. According to previous plans, the new car may be officially launched in May. At the same time, officials said that the specific content of the iM Motors IMOS 3.0 system will be available at the Beijing Auto Show.
At the press conference, iM Motors announced that the 900V ultra-fast charging solid-state battery was officially named the "First Generation Lightyear Solid-State Battery". Its peak charging power can reach 400 kilowatts, and its battery life can be increased by 400 kilometers in 12 minutes. In addition, officials bluntly stated that CLTC pure The electric cruising range will exceed 1,000 kilometers.
From the appearance, iM Motors L6 continues the family-style design, giving people a strong sense of fashion as a whole. The front face has a closed shape and is paired with sharp headlights, which further enhances the momentum of the front face. In addition, the C-shaped air guide channel and the narrow-stripe trapezoidal air inlet visually enhance the sporty feel of the vehicle.
The side of the new car adopts a coupe-style shape, with slightly raised wheel eyebrow lines at the front and rear, giving it a prominent visual effect. The rear of the new car is very sexy. The upturned ducktail design shows a performance style, and the taillight shape is also very eye-catching. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4931/1960/1474mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2950mm. In terms of body color, the new car will provide 7 exterior colors, including a cooperation limited color.
The interior of the new car still continues the family-style full-frame digital cockpit, which combines simplicity with a sense of technology. The central control consists of a 26.3-inch continuous screen and a 10.5-inch touch screen, and is matched with a half-spoke steering wheel. Looking at the details, compared to iM Motors LS6, the air-conditioning outlet of iM Motors L6 adopts a flatter design. It is also equipped with a ventilation wireless charging panel, and the shape of the storage slot next to it has been adjusted.
The seats in the car will also continue to use POPO cloud seats, and the magnetic suction cup of the docking station behind the seat will also continue to be retained. The rear row is equipped with a Type-C charging interface, and the panoramic canopy design ensures head space. The rear seats support a 4/6 ratio of folding down to achieve space expansion.
In terms of power, the new car will provide single-motor and dual-motor versions. The single-motor version has a maximum power of 216kW, and the dual-motor version has a maximum power of 200kW and 379kW respectively. The 0-100km/h acceleration will be within 3 seconds. According to the purchase tax exemption catalog, the new car will provide batteries with 90kWh and 100kWh capacities, with cruising ranges of 700/720/750/770km respectively. At the same time, the official announced that the new car will be the first to be equipped with a solid-state battery, and its CLTC pure electric cruising range will exceed 1,000km. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with the first-generation VMC (Vehicle Motion Control) smart digital chassis technology, equipped with rear-wheel steering, intelligent electronically controlled shock absorbers, air suspension, etc.
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