Hongqi EH7 Convertible Debut

Release Date : 2024-04-25
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 The Hongqi EH7 Convertible officially saw its debut, which is based on the Hongqi EH7 and upgraded. For reference, the regular EH7 has five models on sale with a price range of 22.98-30.98 million yuan, and it is expected that the price will be raised when the convertible version goes on sale in the future.
  Look at the new car, its appearance as a whole and the ordinary version of Hongqi EH7 basically consistent, closed grille design with the combination of 7-type headlights has become the Hongqi brand's latest family design style, very recognizable. Body size, the car length, width and height were 4980/1915/1490mm, wheelbase 3000mm.
  Of course, the new car as a convertible version of the model, the most striking is the effect of the carport open, the scene to see, with the unique body color, its very eye-catching.
   Hongqi Interior, the new car pays more attention to the creation of materials and the interior color scheme, the new car is equipped with a 6-inch + 15.5-inch curved dual-link screen, but also equipped with an AR HUD head-up display system with a Snapdragon 8155 chip, which is considered to be a bold attempt by Hongqi. The interior is still a minimalist styling design, with almost no physical buttons visible, and the steering wheel is quite personalized, looking more like a gamepad. In addition, the vehicle's seats adopt a one-piece design, and the interior color scheme is more refreshing, presenting a youthful and sporty atmosphere as a whole.
 Hongqi power, the new car motor maximum power 202 kW/253 kW, equipped with three yuan lithium battery. According to previous news, the car will provide a power exchange version and long range fast charging version, the power exchange version of the range of 600km, while the long range fast charging version of the range can reach 800km. new car equipped with front and rear dual motor, the total power up to 455kW, the peak torque can be achieved 756N-m, 0-100km/h acceleration of just 3.9 seconds.
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