Sold for 249,800-279,800 yuan, Li L6 is officially listed

Release Date : 2024-04-25
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On April 18th, Li L6 (parameters|inquiry) was officially launched, and a total of 2 models of new cars were launched, selling for 249,800-279,800 yuan.The new car is a five-seater medium- and large-scale range-extending SUV, which is positioned under the Li L7. L6 is a luxury five-seater SUV and L7 is a flagship five-seater SUV.Li L6 is built on the second-generation range-increasing platform of Li auto, which took three years of research and development, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan.
In terms of appearance, the Li L6 continues the family style design. Although it looks very similar to the L7, the details are still very different.First of all, this time the L6 uses an integrated suspension design star ring daytime running light. This is the first model of Li auto to adopt an integrated design. You can see that the star ring light continues to the rear of the small yellow lights on both sides.At the same time, L6 has updated the lower dual-lens headlight group, separating the high beam from the low beam, and combining the driver assistance light with the turn signal.At the same time, compared with L7, L6 has reduced the lower grille of the front bumper to reduce the drag coefficient and eliminate the trim strips. Li L6 has a drag coefficient of 0.269, which is lower than the aito M7's 0.298.
On the side of the body, the Li L6 shortens the front and rear overhangs, the D-pillar is adjusted forward, and the back-sliding feeling of the roof is enhanced, which makes the new car more sporty.In terms of model size, the length, width and height of the ideal L6 are 4925/1960/1735 mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. Compared with the ideal L7, the length is shortened by 125mm, the wheelbase is reduced by 85mm, the width is 35mm less, and the height is 15mm lower.All Li L6 series come standard with 20-inch low wind resistance rims.
The tail of the vehicle still adopts a penetrating taillight, with a three-dimensional design, and the tail shape is more three-dimensional.The difference from the L7 is that the L6 license plate is still at the bumper, and the size of the entire tailgate is not small.The position of the reflective strips on both sides of the bumper has also been adjusted.This time, Li L6 also added a color scheme of baby elephant gray.
In terms of the interior of the Li L6, it is exactly the same as the ideal L7. It adopts a four-screen layout, including a touchable display on the steering wheel, a high-definition HUD, a central control screen and a co-pilot screen. Among them, the central control screen and the co-pilot screen are 15.7-inch 3K screens. The core comes standard with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P chip, provides 5G network, and the sound system is equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS. The Max version comes standard with the same platinum audio as the ideal MEGA, the same PSS speakers as the Voice of Mercedes-Benz Berlin, and has 19 speakers.The new car also has a voice assistant with the ability of a large model Mind GPT, an ideal classmate, and even a teacher who accompanies children's growth.The steering wheel of the new car comes standard with a heating function and is made of Nappa leather.
Due to the use of rear gear, the central part of the vehicle is still 2 50W wireless charging pads, cup holders and central storage slots. However, since the Li L6 is equipped with a refrigerator, the central storage space is not large, but there is also an open storage space in the lower part of the center console.The refrigerator drawer equipped with Li L6 can be pulled out from the center of the rear row, reaching 8.8L, and can store 10 cans. It supports 0-7 degrees cooling and 35-50 degrees heat preservation. It also adopts a compressor refrigerator with better cooling effect, which can work continuously for 24 hours after leaving the car, and can be remotely controlled and voice controlled.
Unlike the L7, the Li L6 is also equipped with a 1.26-square-meter panoramic canopy, which is no longer a split sunroof, and provides electric sunshade, but the rear display screen on the L7 is cancelled.The UV isolation rate of the new car canopy glass and the front and rear door glass exceeds 99.8%.The car windows and canopy are equipped with double-layer laminated glass.Li L6 comes standard with a CN95 filter element, an automatic fresh air system in the three-temperature zone, and a carbon dioxide concentration detector. Once the standard is exceeded, the fresh air system will be activated.
In terms of seats, the thickness and length of the front and rear seat cushions of L6 are exactly the same as that of L7. They are made of Nappa leather as standard. There are five seats in the car that provide heating function and four seats that provide ventilation function. Air vents are added to the shoulders, heating pads are added to the flanks of the seats, and the front row also supports a ten-point massage function.The rear leg space of the L6 will be slightly smaller than that of the L7, but a 1.83-meter male sitting in the back row will still have a 1-meter leg space margin.The trunk has a depth of 1057mm and a volume of 491L, which can hold 3 28-inch + 1 22-inch + 1 20-inch suitcases; after the second row of seat backs are all inverted, the volume can be expanded to 1923L.
In terms of power, all Li L6 series come standard with dual-motor four-wheel drive, the maximum power of the drive system is 300 kilowatts, the maximum torque is 529 nm, the acceleration of 0-100km/h is 5.4 seconds, and the fuel consumption in the lowest state of charge under WLTC conditions is 6.9L/100km (the power is lower than L7, but the acceleration has not slowed down, and the fuel consumption is even lower), the capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 36.8 kWh, and the battery suppliers are still from Ningde Times and Xinwangda, and the pure battery life under CLTC conditions is 6.9L/100km (the power is lower than L7, but the acceleration has not slowed down, and the fuel consumption is even lower). 212km, the comprehensive endurance of CLTC working conditions is 1390km.It takes 20 minutes for the SOC to be charged from 20% to 80%, and the new car also supports 3.5kW external discharge.The new car comes standard with a front double wishbone + rear five-link independent suspension, and comes standard with a CDC continuous variable damping shock absorber (no longer equipped with L7 air suspension) to achieve millisecond damping adjustment and provide a high-level sense of driving in all road conditions.
Unlike L7, this time L6 does not use ternary lithium batteries, but uses lithium iron phosphate batteries. Li auto said that this time L6 is equipped with a new generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which avoids the previous weaknesses of lithium iron phosphate batteries, such as poor low-temperature power and fast low-temperature power-down.In an environment of minus 10 degrees, the Li L6 model has only 0.6 seconds of power attenuation; the battery life of the CLTC is 6%-7% ahead of the same level of models. The new car also adds a heat pump air conditioner and a heat pump-based thermal management system.
In terms of smart driving of Li L6, the Pro model comes standard with smart driving AD Pro, which has 10 cameras + 1 millimeter wave radar, uses the Horizon Journey 5 smart driving chip, has a computing power of 128TOPS, and can achieve high-speed NOA (lane changing overtaking/on-and-off ramps) , automatic parking, and exit and entry; the Max model comes standard with intelligent driving AD Max, which has 11 cameras + 1 lidar + 1 millimeter wave radar. It is equipped with dual NVIDIA Orin-X chips as standard and has a computing power of 508TOPS, which can be achieved High-speed NOA, urban NOA without high-precision maps (intersection traffic, construction avoidance, urban congestion scenes), automatic parking, off-board parking, valet parking (route learning, cross-multi-layer channel mode), etc. AEB automatic emergency braking can achieve a maximum braking speed of 120km/h and a maximum braking capacity of 80km/h at night.
Li Auto AD Max 3.0 will further enhance the ability of high-end smart driving and realize three major functional upgrades: 1. High-speed NOA will add toll stations to pass through. Users can choose ETC or manual channels, and NOA can pass to the corresponding gate autonomously. The gate opens and starts automatically.The NOA function that can pass through toll stations will be gradually opened up.2. The city LCC adds a driving command. You only need to say to the ideal classmate, “Master, turn left.” It can automatically find the next intersection and complete the left turn.3. The urban NOA will gradually be opened to all sections of the country, whether it is a major intersection in the center of the city or a country road, as long as it is a navigable place, the urban NOA can go.
Compared with L7, Li L6 does not have many equipment reductions. In terms of comfort and intelligence, it still maintains its due level and still gives you a good experience. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the Lideal L6 actually has more advantages. Spending less money to experience a good product is simply too delicious. Li auto said that the launch of L6 is to meet the needs of users, including extended range, four-wheel drive, large space, styling, large screen, smart driving, less than 5 meters in length, more dynamic, and affordable SUV. Li auto uses L6 Meet the above needs of users. However, L6 is still somewhat homogeneous with L7. We will wait and see whether it will affect the sales of L7.
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