To be launched on 10 May BYD Sea Lion 07 EV

Release Date : 2024-04-28
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    BYD's new mid-size SUV, the Sea Lion 07 EV model. The new car adopts ocean aesthetic design and will face the 200,000 RMB class market in the future.Sea Lion 07EV is the first model of the new Sea Lion IP of BYD Ocean Network.In the future, Ocean Network will integrate SUV models as Sea Lion IP and sedan models as Seal IP to form a twin-star strategy. Meanwhile, the car will complete its listing on 10 May.
  As for the exterior of BYD Sea Lion 07 EV, BYD Sea Lion 07 EV is based on the previous Ocean X Concept, which further strengthens the family style of the Ocean series models. The entire vehicle is stylish, with bold lines cutting into the upper part of the front X shape, making the entire front face more three-dimensional.BYD Sea Lion 07 EV adopts the design of the Sea Lion Double U floating headlights, with the body of the lights and its outer boomerang-shaped decorations forming the form of the letter C, and the daytime running lights lighting up sequentially are full of a sense of ceremony.
     The side of the car also adopts a double waistline design, with dynamic lines outlining the Sea Lion 07EV's elegant slinky silhouette. At the intersection of the D-pillar, roof and rear spoiler, the lines are cut to form an X shape, echoing the overall style.The rear of Sea Lion 07EV is full of modelling, and the Sea Lion 07EV's tail lamps are a major highlight, with a parametric distribution of point light sources progressing from large to small, presenting a certain sense of technology.
    The interior of Sea Lion 07 EV uses a variety of materials to illustrate the various forms of marine elements, with soft areas accounting for more than 80 per cent of the interior, and the curves extending from the upper part of the dashboard to the sides outline the embracing shape of the "hovering wings". The new car adopts a flat-bottomed four-spoke sports steering wheel, and the crystal gear lever with exquisite workmanship incorporates aluminium processing technology with a mechanical sense of texture, while the buttons around it integrate commonly-used functions, including start, emergency warning light, automatic parking, air conditioning, and so on.
 The BYD Sea Lion 07 EV is equipped with ambient lighting offering 128 colours, waterfall ambient lighting in the door panel area and suspended lights inside the glass panel of the dashboard to match the music rhythm. The new car also comes with a 12-speaker Danner stereo, a three-flavour fragrance system, 220V on-board power supply, as well as Karaoke, panoramic sunroof (with a glass area of up to 2.1 square metres), water-jet windscreen wipers, NFC key, and AR-HUD (with a projection area of up to 50 inches). In addition, the car is equipped with 11 airbags, direct tyre pressure monitoring system and driver monitoring assistance as standard. In terms of intelligent features, the car is equipped with DiLink 100, a high-level version of the intelligent cockpit, and DiPilot 100, a high-level intelligent driver assistance system with the Eye of the God of Heaven. among these features, DiLink 100 brings a variety of entry modes, ONE ID as well as AR HUD, full-scene intelligent voice with four-tone zone recognition, For DiPilot 100, the new Sea Lion 07 EV has up to 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimetre wave radars, 11 cameras with full-scene intelligent driving, seven intelligent alert functions, lane keeping and emergency braking.
  Sea Lion 07 EV body dimensions, the new car length, width and height of 4830/1925/1620mm, respectively, wheelbase of 2930mm. power, reference to the previous declaration of information, it is expected that the car will provide three kinds of power forms, including two-wheel drive version will be provided with 230kW and 170kW motor, four-wheel drive version of the model of the front and rear motors maximum power of 160kW and 230kW, respectively. In addition, the Hai Lion 07EV adopts the CTB vehicle safety architecture, with front double-wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension.
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