The new BMW M4 is officially unveiled

Release Date : 2024-04-26
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      The new BMW M4, the new car has been launched previously, this is the first time to meet with domestic consumers.As a review, a total of 3 configurations were launched in the previous listing, including the two-door coupe Thunder Edition, the two-door coupe M xDrive Thunder Edition and the convertible coupe M xDrive Thunder Edition. The suggested retail prices are 893,900 yuan, 943,900 yuan and 1.0139 million yuan respectively.
Adhering to the principle of ”design serves function", the new BMW M4 two-door/convertible coupe features a flamboyant M aerodynamic component, a borderless design of the M two-line air intake grille and a wide-body body design, showing an eye-catching posture and sports performance.The front face design of the vehicle is sharper and more dynamic, the iconic angel eye headlights are fine-tuned in detail, and two sets of vertically arranged arrow-shaped LED units have the functions of daytime running lights and turn signals; at the same time, the LED light group is also embedded with blue decorative strips, highlighting the sense of future technology.
     From the tail point of view, the vehicle's taillights use laser taillights unique to the BMW M4 CSL, a high-performance special edition model limited to 1,000 units worldwide. The three-dimensional three-dimensional effect after lighting is extremely stunning.At the same time, the new car also provides a bilateral four-out 100mm exhaust tailpipe, a black high-gloss M logo with silver trim, and brand new front 19-inch and rear 20-inch forged rims.It is worth mentioning that the new car also has an M carbon fiber appearance component composed of a polygonal air inlet made of carbon fiber, a carbon fiber rearview mirror cover, a carbon fiber tail diffuser, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler.
In addition, the new BMW M4 coupe adopts a lightweight M carbon fiber roof, which can reduce the weight of the body, reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, and improve the dynamic stability of the vehicle; while the new BMW M4 convertible coupe adopts a soft roof, which combines performance with a stylish and elegant convertible style.
      The BMW M4 interior style echoes the bold and public appearance, creating a strong sporty style.For the first time, the M multi-function leather steering wheel adopts a flat-bottomed steering wheel with a flat bottom design, and is equipped with a 12-point correction logo to fill the grip and sports driving atmosphere.In terms of details, the black high-gloss air outlet adopts a new design, which increases the area of the carbon fiber trim strip on the instrument panel, combined with the iconic double-color front row M carbon fiber seats, the red start/stop button on the center console, the M dedicated instrument and the head-up display/theme can effectively enhance the vehicle's motion perception.
      The new BMW M4 two-door/convertible coupe adopts the latest generation of BMW operating system, integrates an integrated floating curved screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and a 14.9-inch touch display, and supports front-row long video streaming media applications.The new online BMW navigation can provide online update of map data, online path planning and real-time traffic information display.The response of BMW's intelligent personal assistant has also become more sensitive, the speech recognition is more accurate, and it can also make suggestions to the driver based on the user's driving habits.The new car is also equipped with a BMW digital key, which can unlock/lock the door and start the vehicle through a mobile phone.
      In terms of power, the new car is equipped with M's exclusive high-performance 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine. Among them, the maximum output power of the M xDrive Thunder edition model has been increased by 15 kw to 390 kw (530 horsepower), and the peak torque reaches 650 nm.The transmission system matches the 8-speed M Steptronic hand-in-one gearbox with multiple shift modes of Drivelogic, which makes the M xDrive Thunder Edition accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3.5 seconds.
  The two new cars also provide variable sports steering system, DSC dynamic stability system, M carbon ceramic high-performance calipers, M sports suspension, and M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system with integrated active M differential.The unique M elite driving mode of BMW M models not only makes driving data more intuitive, but also assists drivers to improve drift technology and lap speed through M drift analysis and M lap timing; the M traction control function allows the driver to adjust the traction level by himself in order to continuously explore the limits of vehicle driving in the track environment.
     This year, BMW M's core products have ushered in a comprehensive renewal. Nearly 10 high-performance and performance models will be launched, including the new BMW M4 two-door/convertible coupe, the new BMW X2 M35i, and the upcoming brand new BMW M5.

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