Hpyer to be the Porsche of the electric world

Release Date : 2023-07-05
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    AION, which was the first to open an independent brand of new energy vehicles, has launched another high-end brand Hpyer, and the first model HaoPlato GT was officially launched on July 3, priced from 219,900 yuan, which is mainly a rear-drive model with a great difference from the previous AION models. In a group interview with the media, the general manager of GAC AION New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd, Gu Huinan said that the Hpyer brand will focus more on sporty, new technology and art, and Gu Huinan said that Hpyer is to build the ultimate performance luxury car, which is the Porsche of the electric world, Hpyer is more about taste, and AION is the route of cost performance.
    Gu Huinan is very confident in Hpyer GT, saying that the goal of AION is to hit the head position in the price range of 200,000-300,000 yuan, which is the top three in the industry. When it comes to how to face the industry competitor Tesla, Gu Huinan said that there will be more than one head company in the future automotive industry, Tesla is the head company in the industry, but in the future Hpyer will also join the camp of head companies, the current 200-300,000 yuan head electric car models include Tesla Model 3 and BYD Han, while Hpyer will try to be the third model. If competitors fight a price war with Hpyer, which is a strong point for AION, cost control has always been the advantage of AION. Previously, AION S and AION Y have achieved the head position in the price range of 100,000-200,000 RMB, so AION will next hit a higher price range with Hpyer.
So since doing high-end, just the product is obviously not enough, Hpyer will be independent in the future, with a special store channel and service network, will create a more high-end service. Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of GAC AION New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. said that Hpyer's service will achieve five-star peace of mind, users only use the car, all other things can be left to Hpyer to do, and even your car has a cut, you can find Hpyer's service staff to deal with the solution, do mobility, will also find a professional leasing company to solve the problem, a big tone of the next Azera. Users will be more at ease with Hpyer's services and won't worry about quality.

In terms of store channel construction, Hpyer plans to have 160-180 stores by the end of July and 250-300 stores by the end of this year, covering Tier 1-2 plus Tier 3-4 cities. In terms of production capacity and manufacturing, AION's production capacity has achieved from 400,000 units to 500,000 units after expansion and renovation, while the third factory is being planned next. In terms of charging network, AION has launched a buy a car and get a station free model. 10 people in the same city who buy Hpyer GT can apply for the construction of a super-charging station within 3 km. If they are owners of other brands of new energy vehicles, 300 people can also form a group and build a super-charging station if they meet the conditions for building a station.

After Hpyer impact on the high-end market, there are voices worried that AION will not give up the net car market, Gu Huinan said that in the past fuel car era, are such as Volkswagen, Toyota and other overseas brand models act as net cars, can not see the Chinese brand, and the new energy vehicle era came, Chinese brands become the main force of the net car, and AION also gave the net car to provide three electricity 800,000 km warranty commitment, and AION. This proves that the quality of the product is excellent before it can become the backbone of the net car. Xiao Yong also said that the market of net car, EAN will not give up, net car by many, indicating that the product quality is high, less minor problems, the same if the Tesla to run net car, may not be three months.

Finally, Gu Huinan also said that China's new energy vehicles can have today's achievements are not easy to come by, China's current achievements, is the eyes of the European and American car companies, they will not be good, so the Chinese people should first have confidence in their own products, although we still have a lot of road to go in all aspects of car manufacturing, but today's achievements brought by Chinese brand cars, is should be cherished. In addition, Gu Huinan revealed that the plan for the IPO of EAN is expected to be in 2024.
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