Changan DEEPAL discloses plans to enter ASEAN, Europe markets

Release Date : 2023-07-05
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On June 30, DEEPAL, Changan Automobile's new energy vehicle brand, held a brand strategy launch event and the large-scale delivery ceremony of the DEEPAL S7.


During the event, Changan Automobile's Chairman, Zhu Huarong, expressed full support for the development and expansion of the DEEPAL brand. Changan Automobile will optimize the institutional mechanisms of DEEPAL, granting it greater autonomy and efficiency in operations and services. Leveraging Changan Automobile's robust system capabilities and R&D expertise, DEEPAL will continuously grow. 

Within just a year, DEEPAL's strategic model, the SL03, made an impressive debut and has achieved nearly 60,000 units of cumulative deliveries. The recent launch of the DEEPAL S7, the brand's first SUV model on June 25, also garnered positive market response. In less than a week of hitting the market, the DEEPAL S7 has initiated large-scale deliveries.

Over the next three years, DEEPAL will allocate no less than 10% of its annual budget to R&D, continuously driving technological advancements for electric intelligent vehicles. Simultaneously, DEEPAL will build a robust product portfolio, focusing on six product series and introducing more than two new models each year, totaling over 12 all-new and refreshed models. 

Furthermore, DEEPAL aims to create global models, accelerating its international strategy by expanding into key overseas markets such as the ASEAN and Europe, with a long-term goal of achieving 1.5 million units of annual sales.

Currently, DEEPAL has established 746 order centers, 390 mobile showrooms, 427 delivery centers, 528 maintenance centers, and a comprehensive user-centric service ecosystem consisting of an online and offline integrated service center network covering the entire country. 

During the launch event, DEEPAL officially announced the goal of establishing thousands of order centers and tens of thousands of touchpoints for orders, deliveries, and maintenance services nationwide by 2025, forming an extensive service network to cater to customers' needs.

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