BYD puts DOLPHIN’s extended range version onto Thai market

Release Date : 2023-07-10
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On July 6, BYD, in collaboration with its local partner RêVER Automotive, held a launch event in Bangkok, Thailand, for the BYD DOLPHIN extended range variant and announced the retail price of the model’s standard range version.

The BYD DOLPHIN is built on BYD's self-developed BEV (battery electric vehicle)-dediacted platform, the e-platform 3.0, with a length of 4,290mm. When the rear seats are fully folded down, the storage space can reach 1,310 liters, greatly enhancing the expandability of the interior space.


Additionally, the agile body design and marine-inspired aesthetics of the BYD DOLPHIN make it more attractive, enjoyable, and practical, said BYD.

Mr. Ke Yubin, General Manager of BYD Thailand, stated during the event, "BYD has always been committed to 'technological innovation to fulfill people's aspirations for a better life' and continuously promotes technological innovation and industrial transformation. In order to provide comprehensive services to Thai consumers, our sales and after-sales network has already covered the majority of provinces in Thailand, and we expect the number of BYD stores throughout Thailand to reach 60 this month."

The extended range version of the BYD DOLPHIN is equipped with a larger capacity battery pack and features BYD's industry-leading Blade Battery, offering an NEDC range of 490 kilometers. Prathanwong Pornprapha, CEO of RêVER Automotive, mentioned, "The BYD DOLPHIN extended range variant launched this time has an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and a torque of 310 N·m, making it suitable for Thailand's diverse terrain and enabling more consumers to enjoy and own new energy vehicles."

BYD has already successfully introduced two models in the Thai market, both of which have achieved impressive performance, with a cumulative delivery of over 15,000 vehicles. This year, they will continue to expand its sales network and improve after-sales services to meet the demand of Thai consumers for high-quality new energy vehicles.

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