Official launch of the shenlan S7

Release Date : 2023-07-10
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On June 25, the second model of Deep Blue Auto, Deep Blue S7, was officially launched. The new vehicle is available in five models.

The new vehicle is positioned as a mid-sized SUV and offers two forms of power options: extended-range and pure electric. Externally, the S7 continues to maintain the Deep Blue family style, with obvious links to the SL03 model; the interior is the same, but the screen and HUD have been enlarged in size, while comfort features such as zero gravity seats have been added.

In terms of power, the Deep Blue S7 is available in two power forms: pure electric and extended range. The pure electric versions have a maximum power of 215 hp and 256 hp respectively, with a range of 520 km and 620 km (CLTC service). The range extender version has a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 94 hp and a drive motor with a peak power of 236 hp, a pure electric range of 121 km and 200 km respectively, and a maximum combined range of 1120 km.

In terms of competitors, judging from the pricing of the Deep Blue S7, it is mainly aimed at models such as the Haval Kingpin MAX, Zero Run C11 and Ruihu 8, and competition will also exist from parent company Changan's UNI-K hybrid. In terms of pure electric models, Model Y, the leader in this segment, will obviously be a strong opponent, and the recently launched Xiaopeng G6 is also priced quite sincerely. the S7 model starts at 149,900 yuan, which is more attractive to price-sensitive consumers, but less attractive than the G6 and Model Y in terms of intelligent driving.

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