BYD Qin tops April sedan sales ranking released

Release Date : 2023-05-30
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The Passenger Association released its latest retail sales statistics, with retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market reaching 1.631 million units in April, up 55.6% year-on-year and 2.5% sequentially; cumulative sales from January to April reached 5.896 million units, down 1.3% year-on-year. Among them, 741,000 cars were sold, an increase of 49.8% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales from January to April amounted to 2.811 million units, down 3% year-on-year.
On the April sedan list, BYD Qin and Dolphin took the first and second places with 42,647 and 29,961 units respectively, up 81.3% and 150.5% year-on-year respectively, very good. The Xuan Yi (parameters|quote) and Lang Yi two family evergreens were third and fourth with 26975 and 26536 units; the Accord, a representative of mid-sized cars, sold 25590 units to get the fifth, the new generation of Accord will soon be listed, the follow-up should have a good performance.
The January-April winner was also the BYD Qin, with 130,602 units sold, while the Xuan Yi and the Lang Yi were second and the Dolphin was fourth, thanks to their good performance in the first quarter. Overall the models on the list were all expected, with no new faces rushing up.
The Shanghai Auto Show resumed this year, becoming a major event in this year's auto market and a powerful platform and fuel for promoting domestic auto consumption. This, coupled with the growth in demand for cars during the "May Day" holiday, led to a resurgence in car consumption in April.
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