Electric pickup truck Radar RD6 sets sail

Release Date : 2023-08-17
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On 15th August, Rado RD6, the first mass-produced model under Geely's high-end new-energy outdoor living car brand Rado Auto, set sail from Tianjin Port, marking the official start of Geely Rado's global layout.
This milestone event occurred after the automaker held the first batch of RD6 export ceremonies on July 25th. This model is positioned as the first "Made in China" new energy pickup truck, competing on the same platform as models such as Tesla's Cybertruck and Rivian's R1T.

Geely Radar has strategically targeted the new energy pickup niche from the start. Over the course of three years, the company meticulously developed the M.A.P platform, which the automaker claims is China's premier indigenous electric pickup truck platform.
M. A.P takes the adaptability of passenger cars as its concept, and its core technical indicators are seamlessly integrated with mainstream passenger car platforms. There is almost no gap in terms of range, NVH level, handling, and other aspects. It is worth noting that Geely Radar hopes to replicate the domestic new energy vehicle ecosystem to foreign countries, utilizing the advantage of "system power" to maximize market penetration. To achieve this goal, the brand works closely with local overseas distributors and automotive conglomerates. Geely Motors has developed different product strategies tailored to the needs of different countries and regions, rapidly expanding its brand image and market influence while enhancing the purchasing experience of overseas customers.
In the forthcoming journey, Geely Radar intends to establish a comprehensive service network and supporting measures for its products sold overseas. This encompasses initiatives such as charging and battery swapping system deployment, as well as service and maintenance station setup.

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