The new VOYAH FREE equipped with Baidu Apollo intelligent driving software package has been launched

Release Date : 2023-08-21
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On 19 August, the newly launched VOYAH FREE model of Dongfeng Motor's high-end new energy vehicle brand VOYAH was officially launched, priced at 266,900 RMB.

The all-new VOYAH FREE features a brand new exterior and interior design, updated powertrain options, and advanced intelligent driving features. As a large intelligent five seater SUV, it is equipped with the Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Pro system, providing users with the most advanced navigation and driving assistance functions.
This model comes standard with a full-time four-wheel drive system and air suspension. Its power system is equipped with a 1.5-liter deep Miller cycle extender, with a comprehensive range of 1201 kilometers and a battery powered range of 210 kilometers. This marks the comprehensive upgrade of the model since its first launch.
It is worth noting that VOYAH FREE only offers one version, the VOYAH FREE Extended Range Intelligent Driving Edition, which eliminates the hassle of multiple choices for consumers and showcases VOYAH's innovative spirit.
An important improvement of VOYAH FREE is the optional installation of the Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Professional Edition kit, priced at 25000 yuan. Users who purchase the package synchronously with their vehicles before December 31st can enjoy a discounted price of 10000 yuan. At the same time, users who choose not to purchase the package can enjoy a free trial period of 4 months, after which they can pay a monthly rent of 600 yuan or an annual rent of 6000 yuan.
Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Pro provides users with comprehensive driving and parking assistance, as well as advanced autonomous driving experience. The system has functions such as NOA (autonomous driving navigation) and human-machine collaborative maps, and has been tested over 60 million kilometers to ensure driving safety.
In highway scenarios, VOYAH FREE's Highway Driving Professional Edition provides efficient lane changing, automatic recognition of ramps, avoidance of large vehicles, and the world's first intelligent service area assistance function. Baidu stated that the success rate of autonomous lane change exceeds 99%, with less than one manual intervention per 100 kilometers, and the success rate of ramps exceeds 95%.

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