Extreme Krypton launches ZEEKR OS version 4.2.3

Release Date : 2023-06-19
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ZEEKR will begin pushing ZEEKR OS version 4.2.3 to users of the Extreme Krypton 001 from 3 June 2023. The new version of the car system will add the E-Pedal single pedal function in Sport mode for the Extreme Krypton 001. The experience will be optimised for 16 functions.

The addition of the E-Pedal single pedal mode in Sport driving mode further utilises kinetic energy recovery and optimises energy consumption performance. Experience the pleasure of driving in Sport mode while reducing driving fatigue and achieving better energy consumption.

In terms of other functional optimisations, an optimisation of the alarm volume for the obstacle distance indication is provided. When the vehicle activates the 360-degree panoramic image obstacle distance alert, the alarm volume is reduced by 9 decibels for high, medium and low levels respectively, avoiding the discomfort caused by the alarm volume being too loud.

Optimised for the status bar passenger power door closing control, when the passenger power door is open, the top of the centre screen will show the passenger door closing button, which can be clicked to close the door. This simplifies the previous need to turn the home 3D model or close the door manually, and enables simple one-touch control.

Optimisation of the vehicle's two-step unlocking logic, adding a two-step unlocking mode. When unlocked in the first step, only the main car door and the charging port cover are unlocked, and when unlocked again, all doors are unlocked. This prevents strangers from accidentally entering the vehicle from the blind side and further increases safety inside the vehicle.

In terms of other experience optimisation, this version of the car system also targets a number of other experience optimisation upgrades such as dual screen linkage for energy consumption display, energy consumption statistics logic, lockout sound, intelligent power replenishment strategy for the whole car, sound effects when the turn signals are on, and optimisation of the occasional jump in the sound field position of the whole car speakers after OTA.

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