Geely RADAR's first cars exported overseas

Release Date : 2023-07-27
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On 25 July, Geely RADAR announced through its WeChat account that the export ceremony of the first batch of overseas models of Geely RADAR brand was held at the intelligent factory in Zibo City, Shandong Province.

According to the official images released by Geely, the exported model is the RADAR RD6, which has already been introduced to the domestic market. However, Geely has yet to disclose the specific destination of this export.

The first mass-produced RADAR RD6 all-electric pickup rolled off the assembly line at the Zibo factory in September 2022. The model boasts a dual-screen setup composed of a 12.3-inch floating instrument panel and a 12.3-inch console-mounted display, as well as a 9-inch full-color HUD. The Galaxy OS intelligent connected system it carries supports OTA (over-the-air) upgrades and various smart function settings.

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