Honda exports first ZR-V to Europe in e:HEV

Release Date : 2023-06-19
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     GAC Honda announced that it has exported more than 2,400 units of the ZR-V e:HEV to the European market by the end of May, and will continue to promote its export business to the European market in the future. This year's exports of the ZR-V e:HEV will be sold to a number of countries within Europe. In April 2023, the first export model of the ZR-V Zizai e:HEV was loaded at the port of Xinsha and shipped to Europe. In the second half of the year, GAC Honda will also export the ODYSSEY e:HEV to the Japanese market.

     It is reported that GAC Honda has built a rigorous and meticulous control process that meets the requirements of export destinations, including parts certification and quality management, hazardous substances control, vehicle production process consistency control, and vehicle high quality delivery according to the laws and regulations and high quality standards of the European Union and Japan.
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