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Release Date : 2023-06-29
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Compared to April, most of the brands have increased their sales. Compared to the past "Azure" first camp, the sales ranking has changed significantly and we can divide them into 4 camps. So, let's take a look at the list together.
Looking at the list, the Ideal was a worthy winner, alone in the first camp, with 28,277 units sold, even double the second place, another improvement on the 25,681 units sold in April. The second camp is Nezha, Zero Run and Tenshi. Nezha and Zero Run stood out last year, but in the first half of this year, Zero Run sales were a little less impressive, however, they returned strongly in May. In the third camp, it was the turn of Xiaopeng and Weilai, and in this camp there were also the Extreme Krypton and AITO Askworld, whose overall performance was only average and still needed a breakout model to stimulate sales. Finally, Aratou was in fourth place, with 3003 units sold, a step back from the previous month.

In the past, when Ideal had only one car, sales could be among the first camp, but now, with three models, L7, L8 and L9, the effect is naturally to triple. In April, after the launch of the Air version of the Ideal L7 (parameters|quote) and L8, the starting price was pulled down to 319,800 yuan and 339,800 yuan, opening up the King's Bomb, and sales in May improved again compared to April. Ideal Auto CEO Li Xiang tweeted, "Both in terms of orders and deliveries, (Ideal Auto) has stood firm with 1000 units/day for three consecutive weeks. The next main task is to boost supply chain availability, as the supply target set at the beginning of the year was a bit low." "Ideal L7, L8 and L9 vehicles, challenge 40,000 units/month during 2023."

Nezha's sales increased slightly in May compared to the 11,080 units sold in April, with the Nezha S enriching its entry-level models and adding new models to improve the overall price/performance ratio of the product, while the affordable and more popular Nezha V model was officially offered a 10,000 yuan discount across the range, further stimulating product sales. 31 May also saw Nezha's 300,000th vehicle roll off the production line.
However, after the launch of the 2023 model in early March, a further price cut and the launch of the C11 range extender, sales began to show signs of recovery in April, and by May, sales had returned and it was back in the second position, trailing Nezha.
After the previous period when neither Tenshi nor Mercedes-Benz cooperation was brought to fire, Tenshi managed to bounce back after the BYD fire in 2022, relying on BYD's technological advantage. Even with only one model, the Tenshi D9, it still generated sales of 11,005 units in May, a great gesture of the year's ideals. The D9 currently has a DM-i plug-in model and an EV pure electric model, and the pricing is very interesting, belonging to the new energy MPV in the more cost-effective models, Tenshi sales division general manager Zhao Changjiang said that the follow-up will add a range version between 50km and 190km of pure electric range, ready for delivery in Q3 to enrich the product. Meanwhile, the subsequent N7 and N8 models have also been unveiled, and the Tenshi N7 will be officially launched in June.

Compared to April's sales of 8,101 units, the Extreme Krypton saw a small increase in May, with three models currently on sale: the Extreme Krypton 001, Extreme Krypton 009 and Extreme Krypton X. Its products are positioned in a personalised market, filling a previous gap, and have an innovative design that is not often seen in Chinese brands, although they have suffered somewhat in terms of sales due to the generally high price of the products. The Krypton X has not yet shown any increase in sales since its launch at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, so expect better performance to follow.

The company's main product, the P7i, was launched at the end of March, and the product has undergone a full iteration to further improve. The launch of the new MPV, the X9, and the G6, which will be benchmarked against the Tesla Model Y, will help Xiaopeng's sales make a new breakthrough.
Compared to April's sales of 6,658 units, Azera saw a drop in sales in May, although the drop was not too significant. Currently, Azera has as many as 7 models including ET5, ET7, ES6, ES8, EC7, ES7 and EC6, but the overall pricing of the product is high and still lacks a volume model to stimulate the market. May saw the launch of the new ES6 and the overall enhancement of the product, so look for this booster product to stimulate sales when it is delivered.
Sales of the AITO Askew finally picked up in May, up from 4,585 units sold in April, after a 30,000 yuan drop at the beginning of the year, but sales don't seem to have picked up much. In April, AITO launched the AITO M5 with the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system to help boost sales, possibly due to the "misuse of Huawei's branding" incident in March.

Compared to April's sales of 3,339 units, Arashiro sales continued to decline in May, and after adjusting the price and rights of the Chasing Light in May, sales still did not pick up. Arashiro has the mid-size SUV Arashiro FREE, the mid-size MPV Dreamliner and the mid-size sedan Arashiro Chaser on sale, all three of which are not performing as well as they should. The main reason for this is that there are many options in this price range and demand is limited in the price range above 300,000 RMB, so a more cost-effective product is needed.
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