Kaifeng plans new platform to launch 5 new vehicles

Release Date : 2023-06-19
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We have been officially informed by Kaifeng that Kaifeng will launch five new models in the future under the new i-XA 212 platform, two of which will be the first to be launched in mid-2025, with price points targeted at the 130,000-150,000 yuan range and a length of around 4m6 to 4m9, positioning them as crossover style models. It is understood that these five models will redefine the Kaifeng brand models and will be a major breakthrough over the current models. At the same time, Kaifeng said that after 2026, the proportion of new energy models will account for 60%.

According to previous information, the "i-XA" platform will minimise external space and maximise internal space, and will be available in both front and rear drive variants. The first model of this platform is expected to be launched around 2024, offering BEV/REEV fuel cell powertrains and a new design language of new energy passenger + commercial.

According to Kaifeng, Kaifeng New Energy Vehicle is inseparable from the financial support of its major shareholder, Yibin Municipal Government, as well as the support of its shareholder, Chery Automobile, in terms of core technologies such as engines, transmissions and chassis, and of course the help of partners such as Ningde Time, Tencent and Huawei. In terms of plug-in technology, Chery has DHT hybrid technology and BYD has DM-i hybrid technology, both of which have their own merits, while Kaifeng can either choose to invest heavily in its own hybrid platform or flexibly choose Chery or BYD's hybrid technology. will choose whoever can bring the best experience to the users.
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