Link 09 Asian Games Executive Edition 5-seater officially launched

Release Date : 2023-07-10
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On June 15, the Link 09 Asian Games Executive Edition five-seater was officially launched, aiming to further enrich the Link 09 product line, with a five-seater design in the car.

In terms of exterior design, the Link 09 five-seater model remains basically the same as the current model, but with a new Deep Sea Blue body colour scheme. In terms of the interior, the new car features a black and brown colour scheme, a full-colour HUD, 12.3-inch full LCD instrumentation, a 12+6-inch centre screen and two 1.4-inch LCD knob screens, and other features consistent with the 09 model. The smart cockpit chip is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, which supports AI voice and other functions.

The new car's five-seat layout and larger boot space are its biggest highlights. With the third row of seats streamlined out, the second row of seats has almost 100mm more longitudinal legroom and more comfortable seats than the seven-seat version. With the second row of seats down, there is 1,522L of boot space and over 2 metres of longitudinal space; with the second row up, there is 691L of boot space.

In the powertrain section, the new car is equipped with the Drive-E 2.0TD T8 Dual-M powertrain with dual P1+P4 motors, with a combined maximum power of 425hp, peak torque of 658N-m and 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.6 seconds. For the battery section, the new car uses an 18.83kWh power cell and has a pure electric range of 60km.

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