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Release Date : 2023-06-20
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From June 14th to 16th, The smarter E Europe kicked off at the New International Exhibition Centre in Munich, Germany. Hongcalli New Energy makes its debut in Europe.
The smarter E Europe is one of the largest and most influential energy events in Europe, bringing together new energy technology companies, vehicle manufacturers, charging equipment suppliers and other related organisations from around the world.

At the exhibition, Hongcalli New Energy exhibited more than a dozen products, with a wide range of products.
AC charging posts: 3.5kW portable AC charging posts, 7kW-11kW wall-mounted AC charging posts, 22kW column-mounted AC charging posts, 44kW vertical AC charging posts, and 7kW wall-mounted gun mount models.

DC charging posts: 20kW portable DC charging post, 30kW wall-mounted DC charging post, 120kW/180kW vertical DC charging post, 480kW split DC charging post, 120kW vertical advertising post.

The atmosphere was intense and crowded, and the technological and modern products, professional and pragmatic service attitude were widely praised and acclaimed at home and abroad. Hongcalli New Energy introduced the product features and usage scenarios in detail to the audience, shared technical ideas and discussed the future development trend of the charging industry together.

Over the years, Hong Jiali has focused on the overall solution of electric vehicle charging, the overall solution of two and three wheelers charging and changing, and the integrated solution of light storage and charging.
The products cover charging piles, charging and switching cabinets, energy storage systems, etc. They have passed a series of international certifications and are exported to many countries and regions around the world, including Japan, Germany, Turkey and the United States. In the future, Hongcalli will continue to make efforts to accelerate the layout of the European market and bring digital energy solutions to thousands of households.

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