Pre-orders open for the new M5 Standard Edition

Release Date : 2023-07-03
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       On July 2, the new Askworld M5 Standard Edition was officially opened for pre-sale with 2 models and a price range of 25.98-27.98 million. Deliveries of the new car are scheduled to start in August.

       Externally, the new model continues the styling of the current model, but the internal light sources of the headlamp clusters have been adjusted to feature dual-lens light clusters. The new model also gets an upgraded hidden door handle opening and offers new 20-inch wheels with red calipers and illuminated tail badges. In terms of dimensions, the new car measures 4770/1930/1625mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2880mm.
      Inside, the new car has upgraded dual cup holders and rear seats and offers dual 40W wireless charging. The new car will also feature the HUAWEI MagLink Magic Suction in-car interface.

The new CLTC has a pure electric range of 260km, a combined range of 1,455km and an acceleration time of just 4.4s per 100km.
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