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Release Date : 2023-07-03
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       On June 30, the 2024 Chuanqi GS8 was officially launched. As the annual facelift, the exterior and interior of the 2024 GS8 remains basically the same as the second generation GS8, with some optimisation mainly for the configuration.

     It is reported that the 2024 GS8 will be available in a total of four models, both fuel and hybrid. In terms of appearance, the new car still adopts the dual-shape front styling of Dragon Scale Wing and Zhanwei Wing, which is very dominant overall. In addition, the front and rear logos of the Twin Engine series have been added with an exclusive blue logo to distinguish it from the Pilot series.

     Inside, the new model will be offered with a Stardew Valley U brown interior, accented with suede for a better texture and a nice classy feel. The 2024 GS8 will also be available with the optional 6-seat 'First Class Exclusive' Luxury Seat Comfort Package, which includes a main and passenger seat massage, heated second-row seats, four-way lumbar support for the main and passenger, and a passenger Boss button.

      The new car will be equipped with a heated steering wheel as standard. In terms of in-car experience, the new car adds a number of new technological features that can bring a richer and more intelligent car experience. In addition, the GS8 Twin Engine Series will be equipped with blind zone monitoring, lane change assist, door opening warning, rear vehicle through braking assist, rear vehicle through warning and emergency lane keeping as standard.
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