Tesla Cybertruck Orders Have Surpassed 1.9 Million

Release Date : 2023-07-28
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According to the latest data, there have been over 1.9 million orders for the Tesla Cybertruck, and according to Tesla's current production schedule of 375,000 Cybertrucks per year, it will take about five years to complete all the orders. The Tesla Cybertruck is currently scheduled to be produced at the Giga factory in Texas, U.S., and may also be produced at the new Giga factory in Mexico in the future. According to previous news, the Cybertruck may not cost more than $40,000 for the lower trim levels

The first production Cybertruck officially rolled off the production line on July 15, after overseas netizens photographed the first Cybertruck to roll off the production line.The new production car seems to be different from the actual car that we exposed before, first of all, the overall shape of the Cybertruck is unchanged, but you can notice that the design of the turn signal lights between the bumper and the body seems to be cancelled, and the rear view mirror has been changed to a metallic colour integrated with the body, while the wheels have been added with nice low wind resistance rims. The mirrors have been changed to a metallic colour that is integrated with the body, while nice low wind resistance wheels have been added to the rims. The large monobloc wipers were retained. The entire front face uses a single running daytime running light.

The rear of the vehicle, weakening the design of the taillights, and the previous design should not change much, including a motorised rear bucket cover. From the side angle seems to be able to vaguely see the steering wheel of the vehicle, using the previously exposed small steering wheel, is a new style, while the centre control screen is huge, but in addition to this, there are no other buttons, minimalist design. We can refer to the previous spy photos to take a look.

Along with the reveal is a photo of the production line assembly, once again showing the front fascia, while the intricate circuitry can be seen in the front engine compartment, which is expected to retain space for storage above it. The vehicle's ride space area can be seen covered by what is supposed to be a huge canopy at the top, which has yet to be fitted here, while the interior of the car goes right up to the rear doors, while at the rear is the storage space, with the whole bodywork being framed in a very peculiar way.

According to previous information, the Tesla Cybertruck accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and is available in 250-mile (402 km), 300-mile (483 km), and 500-mile (804 km) range versions with adjustable air suspension. Musk also claims that the Cybertruck is waterproof enough to be used as a "boat" to cross rivers, lakes and even less rough seas.
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