VOYAH teams up with Xindiantu to expand third-party charging network

Release Date : 2023-07-28
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On 27 July, Dongfeng Motor's premium new energy vehicle brand, Voya, announced that in order to accelerate the implementation of its energy supply strategy, Voya has established a partnership with Longxin Technology's aggregated charging service platform, Xindiantu. The partnership aims to further enhance convenience and high-quality user experience for vehicle owners.

With the integration of the new shop map resources, VOYAH's charging network will expand significantly, with a total of over 570,000 charging ports on its charging map. This extensive coverage will provide charging services to users in more than 360 cities across the country. In addition, the partnership will add about 4,000 charging stations and 20,000 charging ports in road service areas. The partnership is scheduled to be officially launched at the end of July.
According to available information, New ShopMap relies on the ecosystems of Alibaba and Longxin to leverage their core competitive advantages in digital operations, ecological integration, industrial interconnectivity and energy services. Operating on a B2B2C business model and focusing on aggregated charging services, New ShopMap aims to drive innovation and upgrades in the industry through efficient collaboration, ultimately realising new customer value and streamlining the charging process.
Energy replenishment undoubtedly plays a key role in the race to embrace new energy vehicles, and VOYAH has been adhering to the VOYAH POWER 6-in-1 charging service matrix concept, which includes six charging scenarios in the VOYAH app, namely Exclusive Home Charging, Public Charging, VOYAH Network Charging, Destination Charging, Valet Charging and Portable Charging. The matrix enables vehicle owners to access a full range of energy replenishment services.
Currently, VOYAH has established in-depth co-operation with key players in the energy industry such as State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), Southern Power Grid (SPG), TELD, Star Charge, FLEETIN and Xiaoju Chongdian. With the newly established partnership with Xindiantu, VOYAH's charging service matrix will become even stronger and more comprehensive.

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